Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 6 - That's funny right there!

Alabama has been talking about Jake all weekend! She kept telling me about the tooth he lost. I said, "I know, Bama. You told me." She said, "How do you still remember that?!"

She told us on Saturday that when she gets to be a teenager, she's going to come back here to the waterfall with a boy. Um, yeah, like your Daddy boy! Where does she get this stuff?

She is really good at imitating other people. She was singing Jesus Loves Me in the car this week in a normal voice. Then she started singing in a really loud voice. It sounded just like she sang it in a video I took when she was about 3. Then she told me, "I need to watch that video again so I can copy it."

She was telling me about a boy in her class, Micah, who has a "baby" sister named Sophia and another sibling, too. She said  "What's it called when the baby doesn't come out of the mama's belly?" I said "You mean she's still pregnant?" No. Then I realized she meant that she was adopted. Yes, that's it. So then I asked her where was she adopted from? She answered, "The airport." ha!

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  1. Oh, that reminds me of my two youngest sisters! They said(and still say!) some of the funniest, smartest things. :) Makes me excited for when my babies start talking.