Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 31-Happy Halloween!!!!

We had a fun day together on Halloween after school! They came home to yummy pumpkin cookies from the mall and milk in their pumpkin cups. We took a nap and got ready for the Fall Festival at church.

 My little Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann! How precious are they!? Too sweet! I love dressing them in matching costumes. People ask Alabama if she has decided what she's going to be for, yes, whatever I tell her! ha! We had a great time at the festival. We played games, jumped, ate, got candy, and went on a hayride!
Sweet babies ready for bed!

Day 30

These glow in the dark masks from Andrea have been the biggest hit! They both LOVE them! Alabama loves to wear them with her skeleton pajamas. Who knew? It's always the simple things!

Day 29

Pate's class went to the "Pumpkin Patch" at school today. They each got to pick out a pumpkin and then they had pumpkin cookies back in the room. Such a fun time of the year! I love all things pumpkin and especially my little pumpkin! :)
 This picture is right before they knocked down the fence! ha!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 28

We had a fun playdate on Monday morning while Alabama was at school. I was feeling much better, just wiped out for a few days. Pate had fun decorating Halloween cookies and playing with Cooper's trains. Andrea is the Hostess with the Mostess! Seriously, her house is beautiful and she is so sweet to plan things and invite us over and even leave with goody bags! She is too much! ha! I'm so thankful to have sweet friends like her and Margaux!

Day 27

Alabama got to bring home Stevie from school this weekend and here they are before church on Sunday. I got sick during the night with a virus and so I wasn't able to go but Adam went with the kids.
Of course, Adam was sick, too, by Sunday afternoon. Never fails! ha!
 Here she is dressed up like a bear to match Stevie while they played outside .
 Pate really knows how to drive that tractor now. It didn't take him long to figure it out. It took Alabama like two years!
 Alabama invented a new game to climb up on the hay bale and slide off the other side. :)
 Pate following Daddy on the tractor.

Day 26

Okay, time to wrap this up and get on with our regularly scheduled life!
For Pate's birthday, we took him to ride Thomas the Train! He LOVED it! He still talks about it today. It was only 15 minutes long (if that?!) but there was a lot of other stuff to do there, too. I wouldn't say the train ride was worth the money, but he had a great time and so I guess it was! My Aunt and Uncle met us there in Cordele, too, so it was great to see them! We had a fun/crazy picnic with BBQ that we warmed up on the car manifold....don't ask! ha! FYI: Piggly Wiggly right before you get to Cordele doesn't have a bakery, so Pate had pound cake for his birthday! (Well, he did have real homemade Thomas cupcakes at school!) Here's some fun pictures of the day!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 25

We went to visit Granny and Aunt Judy on Friday like usual. They had a card for Pate and a slinky that he loves! I finished up the book I was making for Dr. Ford the rest of the day, and that night, we had his surprise birthday party at church! It was so much fun! It was a birthday party disguised as a costume party. He didn't have a clue, and we were so happy to do something special for him. We love him so much and are so thankful to have him as a teacher, mentor, and friend. Thomas, Shana, and Monica dressed up as Dr. Ford, Mrs. Brooks, and Donna and did a little skit. It was hilarious. The funniest part was that Mrs. Brooks didn't realize that it was them at first! ha! Then after we ate, a few of us acted like people from Dr. Ford's life and spoke about him. I was a "traveler", Adam was the gas station attendant at Pump 8 (hysterical!), Ashley was a homeless girl, and Shawn was a prison warden. I think everyone had a good time and hopefully Dr. Ford knows how special he is to us.

Pate's Birthday - Part 2

We celebrated Pate's birthday with a cinnamon roll for breakfast with a candle to blow out and Alabama and I sang "Happy Birthday!"  Then, at school with his friends, I made Thomas cupcakes for him. He just ate the cake. He got to have his new Thomas cup and his birthday shirt from The Nest Boutique. After school, we went home and Aunt Georgia, Morgan, and Ethan came by to see him. They brought Thomas pajamas and a Thomas musical book. He loved them! That night, we made all his favorite food for supper...chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, bananas, and yogurt! After supper, he opened his presents from us (a Cars sleeping bag and Thomas coloring books, and his own truck of crayons), a Jr. Asparagus cup and movie from Mimi and Papa, and Tay-Tay brought over her gift...a power JD Tractor and trailer. Pate helped Adam finish putting it together and then he rode/ran into everything in the living room! (He is so good at driving it now!) He was so excited he couldn't wait to get on it! I hope he had a fun birthday, but the best was yet to come! :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 24- Happy 2nd Birthday Pate!

Pate, you are two years old today! My baby boy is getting so big now! I still feel like you are my baby, though! When I ask you , "Who's Mama's baby?" you point both hands to yourself! Love it. You are so good at running, throwing, climbing up and down stairs, balancing on rails, and climbing things you shouldn't. You have many more motor skills than Alabama did at two. You say about 25 words. You say Mama (672 times a day!), Dada, Papa, KahKah, Ju-Ju, Nana, Bo-Bo, Georgia, no-no (cutest word yet!),  tractor, truck, car, ball, school, church, juice, cup, boots, boat, pull, banana, boo boo, poo poo, more, nite-nite (so sweet!) and go. They are not all clear words, but ones we understand. You aren't putting any words together yet except for Go Dawgs!

You love anything with wheels and can spot tractors, and dump trucks, and fire trucks, and trains a mile away! You drive your cars and trains around the house all day. You like to color with Sister sometimes. Your favorite books are ones that have pictures of tractors and little words! ha! You like to sing Teddy Bear, Happy and you Know It, and the Wheels on the Bus. You like to watch Thomas, Sesame Street, Veggie Tales, and tractor shows. You would stay outside and play all day if you could! You are drawn to the dirt like a magnet!

You are so sweet and like to give hugs and kisses and high fives! You are also strong willed and want your way! When you get in trouble, you stop and look down and usually drop your passy out of your mouth. ha. You don't always want to obey, but you do love to be a helper and will put trash in the trash can and take things where I ask. When you don't obey, you will lay down in the floor and cry but after a few minutes by yourself, you are usually compliant! You still love your passy and sleep with it and have it in the car and you want it at home if you can get to it! You are sleeping 10 hours a night (usually waking between 7-8 now) and take a 2-3 hour nap most days.

You are a very picky eater but your favorites are bananas, chicken fingers, strawberries, grapes, pizza, cheese, pouches, yogurt, and pancakes....and anything sweet! You are the drinkingest boy ever and can suck down a whole sippy cup in like 2 minutes.

I know God has great plans for you and He is working even now in your life to fulfill them. I am so happy to be your Mama! I love you so so much and can't wait to see you growing more! You are so handsome I can't even stand it! Those sweet cheeks and long lashes and beautiful lips are just too much! I treasure each day with you and love spending them with you!

Day 23

Pate opened his birthday gift from his grandma at church tonight. It's a singing bear, but the batteries didn't work, so we haven't heard him yet. After church, we went to Little Casesar's to get a $5 pizza, and left with two pizzas, crazy bread, Sierra Mist, and $15 less money! Go figure!

Day 22

Today was Pate's picture day, so Alabama took a sibling picture with him, too. I can't wait to see how they turned out. We played for a little while today after school. Alabama will say, "It's such a beautiful day to play outside, Mama!"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21

Today was picture day at school for Alabama. Here she is after school.
She said the man who took the pictures was so funny....he thought Sarah Beth's name was George! ha! Her sense of humor is so funny!

We went to take some thing back to WM tonight and grab a few things. It was too late, but we did it anyway! They were c.r.a.z.y! Adam asked me what in the world I gave them today. The answer: Annie's bunny cookies. Apparently, way too many of them! Pate found a tractor in the produce section.
He thought it was there just for him! He could care less if it's part of an apple display! ha! Even after I dragged him away, and we had checked out and were ready to leave, he started to go back over to find the tractor. I stopped him before he made it and since was now screaming, I just took him out the closest door (which wasn't the one we came in.) Adam and Bama were already heading out the other door and so we walked down to wait on  them. They didn't come. So we walked back in and didn't see them, so we went to the car. When they finally got there, Alabama said "We thought y'all were lost!" I said, "You did? Were you sad?" She told me, "Well, Daddy was scared, but I wasn't." Then she said, "I looked at those pictures on the wall (the missing children posters when you leave WM!) and we didn't see y'all, but I still thought you were lost." LOL!!!! Oh, my goodness! She makes me laugh every single day!

Day 20

Alabama sang at church on Sunday night with the Little Lights Choir. You can see the video by clicking here! She is on the left in the blue/green dress.

Day 19

This picture is from Friday night before we left to take the kids to Adam's parents and go on a date. We went to the new T-Bonz in Evans. It was okay, but it WAS really great to eat and talk and not be a jungle gym during the meal! :)
I'm 29 weeks here. Sweet Pea and I are doing great!
Saturday, Adam went hunting with Michael,  so I took Alabama to Sparklers, ran some errands (like getting an iced coffee!), picked her up, went to Wal-mart for a gift, then home really quick, then to our friend Henry's birthday party. It was a fun tractor theme party at a park. Pate's favorite! There were some older boys throwing a football and he thought that he was just as big. He went right out to where they were and wanted to play, too. They were really nice to him and let him get it a few times. He also loved playing in the "sand box" and digging for the toys. That boy loves some dirt!

When we got home, Adam and had starting moving our bedroom around to make a space for the baby. (Amazing what a little hunting gets you! ha!) We aren't finished, but we got pretty far on the room. We ate leftovers and got the kids in bed early! We watched FNL and had a relaxing evening at home.

Oh, while we were in the car at Wal-Mart, a man walks by in a orange tee-shirt and he had a while beard. I couldn't see him from where I was, but Pate spotted him and said, "Ho, ho ho" in his deep Santa voice! Too funny!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18-Pumpkin Patch fun

We've had a fun day today!!! We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, went to see Granny and to the bank, then went to the pumpkin patch! They had a good time looking at all the different shapes and sizes and textures! We selected our pumpkins and took them home to take some pictures and paint them! Here are the best pictures from our "fall photo shoot." Pate was so excited to pull and ride in the wagon around our yard. He didn't want to come inside to paint but liked it once he started! He kept saying "more!" Alabama was so excited about painting the pumpkins. Her's has a jack-o-lantern girl, a bat, a butterfly, and a candy corn! ha!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17

Today was spirit day at school! Here is Alabama and Pate in their outfits. My little cheerleader and football player! Love them!

Alabama said this morning. "Mama, I know Clara really does love the Georgia Bulldogs even though Taylor makes her say that stuff about the Gators!" ha!