Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Memories Made- Day 1

To join in with the 31 Days Posters at the Nesting Place, I'm going to post this month each day about memories made in our family. I think it will be a great way to remember the little moments that make up our every day life.

October 1 -
Today, the preschool had their first chapel service of the year. They sing a few songs and watch a video of a Bible story together. Alabama's class went today. After chapel, Mrs. Lisa told me that she asked for volunteers to pray and Alabama raised her hand! Mrs. Lisa called on her and she prayed out loud! This is way different than anything she would normally do and I am so proud of her! What a reminder of how important it is to pray at home and give our children an opportunity to pray, too! When I asked her what she prayed for, this is what she said. "Thank you Lord for this day. Help us have a great day. Amen." Sweet and simple! Love her!

Pate wore overalls and boots with a blue t-shirt to school today. They had the tool sets out for them to play with today. When I went in to teach music in his class, he was wearing the yellow hard hat and looked just like Bob the Builder with those overalls on. So cute!

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