Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter pictures of our family. Blue was boycotting pictures this year so the outtakes are pretty special. I'll share a few for your enjoyment. 

 My gorgeous girl!

 I can't even stand the cuteness! 

 Not having it. At all. 

 #officialEasterpicture #thatwilldo
 After an afternoon of fishing and chasing ducks, we went back to the Spring Fling at church for slides and Easter Egg Hunts. It was lots of fun and Alabama was very happy to find the Golden Egg! 

6th birthday at American girl store

We took a girls trip with my sisters to Atlanta to the American Girl store this weekend for Alabama's 6th birthday! We had a fun time! She took Julie and Rebecca and her Bitty Baby whose name is currently Anna.  We stayed at the Marriott Alpharetta which was really nice. We arrived Saturday afternoon and checked in just in time before the mad dash of girls. Dolls and ruffle pants and Matilda Jane clothes were in abundance. We got to our pink room and called for a rollaway bed before we left for the store. She took Julie in and bought her a few things like a sparklers outfit and her pet bunny, Nutmeg. She was all smiles and so excited! We walked over to the Cheesecake Factory but it was a long wait so we drove around to try to find somewhere else but ended back there and it was delicious! Alabama and I shared the Adam's peanut butter cheesecake and they sang happy birthday to her! We got back to the hotel and they had left milk and pink cookies for her and the dolls. So cute! She loved that and couldn't wait to eat them in the pink bean bag chair! We got in our pjs and went down to watch the Charissa movie. There wasn't much room but we found a place to sit and got some popcorn. We almost finished it before she was ready to go back upstairs. We ordered room service for breakfast and went to bed about 11:30.
Saturday, we got up at 8:30 when breakfast arrived. We ate in the room and it was great! When we got the store at 11 there was a line waiting to get in but we didn't have to wait long to get an appointment at the salon. Julie and Rebecca's hair was in dire need of some love and attention. The night before a lady that works there commented on how bad Julie's hair looked. Alabama told me later that she didn't like her saying that about her doll. "I mean she's only 8" she said. Ha! We got a waterfall braid for Julie and a fishtail braid and got Rebecca's curls fixed. Julie also got her ears pierced! She didn't cry but it was a rough morning -she got braces and her ears pierced! Ha! After their hair appointments, we ate lunch in the American Girl bistro and it was very good! 

I had the caprese salad and salmon with orzo. Alabama loved her pretzel bites but not the turkey club. The girls had chairs and tea cups and were happy until the Great Shirley Temple Spill of 2015. Luckily they escaped with minor damage but Alabama's dress was not so lucky. We cleaned up and paid for our food and left. After we were already out in the store, our waiter came up and said "Alabama" and proceeded to sing happy birthday to her. He forgot and I wasn't sure if it was only for people who pay $29 for the birthday package or not so I didn't say anything. So she was happy and she got a goodybag that was really cute, too! We finished shopping and got an outfit for Rebecca and bitty baby and Julie and some roller skates, and a brush. Everything she saw was something she "really wanted!" She used every penny of her birthday money. At this point, she was done. She'd had all the AG one can take in 24 hours. It was just a little too much, I think (especially on little sleep). She was just ready to get to the car and she slept most of the way home. I think it was a fun trip and she had a great time! Maybe we'll go again in a few years. P.s. Shout out to the dad not seen in this picture who had three daughters at the bistro and was so adorable!