Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 months

Sweet baby, you are 5 months old now! You're growing up way too fast to be the last baby! You weigh 16 pounds and wear 3-6 month clothes. Some of those are a little tight now. Your hair is getting a lot lighter. I still think there's a little bit of red in it, too. You haven't got any teeth, but drool constantly. You can reach for toys and love to put necklaces, etc, in your mouth. You have held yourself up with some assistance a few times. You got in the pool for the first time when we went swimming with Ana and John. You sleep in your crib now, except when you were sick this past month. :( You had yucky congestion and a cough. You do a "silent laugh" which is so funny. You found your toes and love to play with them while you're on your back. You can also roll to your side but haven't rolled all the way over. You do turn all around though!  You like to play in the exersaucer now and are walking around with it! You still play with the baby gym and sit in the bumbo, too. You love your passy but have also sucked your thumb a few times this month. We went to church one day and forgot it and you sucked your fingers and went to sleep. I was shocked! You're such a sweet baby and everyone tells me how beautiful and how good you are.

You did not want to sit here for this picture. You kept pushing up with your feet and falling over. 

After church

Swimming in your cute bikini

Atlanta for Papa's birthday

My favorite Carter's outfit

B and JJ came to see us!

The first day of school in your Beaufort Bonnet outfit

This little piggy

Date night with Aunt Ashley, Uncle Wal, and Annabelle

Celebrating my birthday at Sconyers with the family

Pate climbing up to check on you. Sweet brother. :)
 We love you more and more every day. I'm just so very thankful for your precious life. I know God has great plans for you and I'm excited to see you grow! Just not too fast. :)