Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday funnies

Pate has been cracking us up lately! 
Alabama had his cowboy hat the other day and wouldn't give it back. He finally got so mad at her he said "Mama "mank" you Bama!" Lol! 

He has conversations with his trucks like you would dolls. I was listening to him while Alabama was gone last week. "Me by?" Moves truck. "Thank you."

He comes running when he hears the baby fussing. He say "okay baby" like to say it's okay baby! 

Matchy matchy

We just love to match! As Audra says "it's just what I do!" The top pic my sister Alicia bought on Zulily and the bottom one my Aunt Kathie found at Hamricks! We've been waiting to Memorial Day to wear them and I'm so glad they still fit! Do you dress your kids alike? 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day and Baby Dedication

I woke up on Mother's Day to breakfast in bed of eggs, sausage, and toast cooked by my sweet husband and the sweetest card he made with the big kids! I loved it!
We always do baby dedication at our church on Mother's Day.

 Blue was dedicated this year so some of our family joined us at church. We had 18 babies dedicated! We have a healthy, growing church!

It is such an honor and privilege to be entrusted with these little lives! I pray that as parents, we show them the love of the Lord, teach them His ways, and train them to serve Him all the days of their life.  Blue wore the same dedication gown that my Mama and me made for Pate.

 So precious. I don't care what all the "haters" say, I love a good Southern boy in a gown! :) (On another note, I read an article a few weeks ago that said, "People dress up for what they are grateful for" and I just keep thinking about how true that is.) We had a great Mother's Day with both of our families at our house. Adam worked so hard to get the yard looking great! Hosting is a lot of work, but worth it because it forces you to get a lot done and cleaned up with a deadline! ha! We ate outside under the pecan tree and played corn hole and had a relaxing afternoon.
Pate decided to eat the icing off the cake with a spoon!
Aunt Judy even brought Granny out for a little bit and she sat outside, had a taste of cake and listened to Daddy play a little while!
We didn't make it back to church so we ate Zaxby's in the car as we drove around town for a while and Bama went to eat with Mimi. Pate loves riding around with the windows down! We are thankful to have great Mothers and Grandmothers in our lives that help us so much!  
I'm so blessed to be the Mama to these three sweet babies of mine!


This boy sat in this same place with this one truck for 45 minutes. What can I say? The boy loves dirt.

Four Months

You are four months old and are getting cuter by the minute!

You're such an easy baby most days! A few weeks ago, I took you to the doctor for bronchiolitis again and you weighed 18 pounds 3 ounces! What a big boy! You are going for your 4 month check up on Thursday. You roll over from front to back every time I put you down. You started that about April 11. You like it for a little while but then get mad and want to roll back over. You hold your head up great while on your tummy now.
You still love the swing and I also got out the play mats and you like those pretty good. You've been in the exersaucer a few times, but don't really play with the toys much yet. You like to sit up in the bumbo and it's great to sit with us when we are eating supper!

You just found your toes like last week and put them in your mouth all the time!

You are constantly putting your fingers or something in your mouth. I'm wondering if you're trying to get some teeth in. You like to smile at everyone, especially Alabama and Pate. They love you so much. Pate just kisses you all the time and loves to talk to you and can not wait to play trucks with you. You're going to be such best buddies! Whenever someone else talks to you, he tells them, "My Boo!" ha!  Alabama is a great sister and loves you so much! She's a great helper and really wants to change your diaper. Your smile is so big and sweet with those precious dimples and your giggles are the absolute best sound ever! You are very ticklish, especially on your neck. Just like Pate. Your hair is filling in again in the back and your eyelashes are getting longer. You wake up once at night to eat and then go right back to sleep. You still sleep in the Rock and Play beside me. You like to sit up all the time and never lay down!

You still want to eat about every 3 hours but are sometimes stretching that out to about 3 and a half to four during the day now. You are still a spitter and it doesn't seem to matter what I eat, you spit up every day. Especially in the bumbo. Every. time. Pate is good to tell me. He says, "Uh-oh, Mama!!!! Baby!" ha!
 You are so so cute I can't even stand it! I love you so much Little Boy Blue and am so grateful that I get to be your Mama! Cristina took these 3 month pictures of you and I just love how they turned out!