Friday, September 30, 2011

A few random things

I wanted to post about a few things we've been doing lately and then I'm going to do a few separate posts about specific things that I want to share!

First of all, Alabama is cracking me up all the time! On Thursday, they had Dad's day at Preschool so Adam went in to work late. He wanted us to go eat breakfast at Waffle house. Well, while we were there, a man with a scruffy beard, a long ponytail, a ball cap, an orange work vest, and a dangly earring walks in. Alabama sees him and says in her mad voice "Hey! Pirates not 'posed to be at Waffle House!" hahaha. Thankfully he was not close enough to hear her, however she does say things in the store all the time that people can hear....such as..."Why that lady got crazy hair?" Oh, my goodness!
She also had to go to timeout at school for the first time last Thursday. She said she was making noises in the gym and waving her hands(I don't exactly know what happened, the teacher didn't tell me, just her!) but on Tuesday, I said, Alabama, did you go to timeout today? She said, "No, but Laura Lane did!"

We were in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, and Alabama had on a dress (as usual!) and kept putting her feet up in the cart and "showing everybody what she's working with" so I told her to put her feet down because that's not lady like. She turns around and points at a woman walking by and says "That lady likes it!" haha!!!!

She also hates to get her feet dirty. I mean like, meltdown in the yard until you take her shoes off and clean them off. Adam told her that's what it's like living in the country! You can't be a country girl if you can't get a little dirty.

We went to see the Winnie the Pooh movie last month and she did really good! I didn't like it that much....the voices of the characters were different, and that really ruins it for me! ha! But hey,I still got to eat popcorn and M&M's!

We finally have a name for our new baby! We can't wait to meet....USRY PATE SMELTS! I've got about two and a half weeks until my due date. We are going to call him Pate and Alabama is so cute when she says his name! Love it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st Day of Preschool

Alabama started preschool this past week! I can't believe she is old enough to go to preschool. She's going to the same preschool that my sisters and I went to. She was going to be in the two year old class, but they asked to move her up to the three year old class so she will be going 3 days a week. I am praying that she loves it and learns a lot! Her teacher is Mrs. Anita and there are only 3 girls in the class besides her! :( Not so sure about that part! The first thing she told us when we picked her up Thursday was "That boy hit me in the head and pushed me down!" Not good.
She said she had a fun time though and can't wait to go back next week!!! I couldn't wait to go get her from school...I missed her and it was only 3 hours!

She has been looking forward to going for months now! She kept saying, "When I be big, I'm goin' to school?!" So on Tuesday she asked me if she was going to school today and I said, Yes, we're going to meet your teacher tonight! She got so excited and said, "I big now?" I told her yes, she is a big girl and is going to school. Then she asked "I brush my hair by myself?" She couldn't wait to wear her 'pack pack' and wanted to get a picture of it! ha!

Soo silly!!!

Sunday Funnies!

The imagination of Alabama is extreme to say the least! Many days, she pretends to be her cousin, Morgan. I have to call her Morgan, she walks up to me and says, "I'm Morgan." I say I know, then she tells me, "My Mama name is Georgia. My Daddy is Chris." I say okay, then she talks about the dogs. "There's Ginger. What's my big dog's name?" I tell her Jake. "Oh, okay. Where's Jake?" She takes the shelf out of her play refrigerator and uses it as the gate for the "dogs". She says, "Mama, you want to come see Ginger?" If I call her Alabama, she quickly tells me with the funniest and most serious look. "I not Bama, I Morgan." Oh, did I forget. Well, this morning, she told everyone in the nursery that she was Morgan and her cousin's name was Alabama but she left her at home (this morning she was carrying around a crazy gymnastics doll my Nana gave her that she said was Alabama but I wouldn't let her it take to church!). Adam will usually tell her, "No, you're Alabama! I'm your Daddy, not Chris." She gets so upset and comes to get me to say I know she's Morgan! ha!

Alabama's favorite song right now (besides the ones she makes up herself which usually include "I lub you" over and over and over again) is Zaccheus but she calls it "Ikea!" ha!

We went to the open house at her preschool last week, and they had a whale by her name so she would know where to line up, sit on the rug, etc. So I was asking her to tell Mimi and Papa what animal she was and she wouldn't tell them. So my Daddy said, "Is it a goat?" She says, "Yeah, a goat!" Ever since then, everytime I ask her, she says it's a goat! Thanks a lot Papa!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Update

Everything is going great with the little baby boy we are waiting to meet! I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable though...back pain, can't get comfortable, etc. We are still trying to decide on a name for him....7 weeks to go! We had a sonogram yesterday to see the "presentation" of the baby and Audra and Alabama went with me! I think they both were excited to see him. We got some good profile pictures of his face and the lady kept saying he has so much hair!!! I really wasn't concerned about him having lots of hair like I was with Alabama, because you can't really put a bow in a boy's hair! ha! Bama was happy that her baby brother "waved" at her on the screen! So cute! He was head down! :) And she said everything looked good. Dr. Serrano was a little concerned that my blood pressure was a little high so I have to go back in a week for a re-check. The room situation is making some progress...we are putting a final coal of paint on the "new" closet tonight so that Monday we can move shelves and clothes from the "old closet" to the new closet and then get to work on making that a nursery. (It really is a bedroom that I made into a closet when we moved in...I'm not sticking my baby in a closet! ha!) I have a lot of the decor items already but I am making a few more things and I still need to find a chest of drawers for his room.
Adam and I are going to Columbia tomorrow for a "babymoon"! ha! No, we are going on a marriage retreat with our Young Married Class at church and I can't wait! Some alone time with my hubby! Yay!