Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A day in the life of Tuesday

Tuesday’s are our busiest day. Today, we dropped Blue off at pre-school, then came home for a few minutes. While the kids stayed in the car, I made them lunches and put supper in the crock-pot. We drove to Lily Moms for a leadership meeting. It was a wonderful morning and I’m always so encouraged just being there. Aunt Judy picks up Blue for me when we have Lily Moms so we met her back at our house to pick up Blue. They ate their lunch in the car while we drove to co-op. Today was impact T-shirt and crazy hair day. The boys wore faux-hawks and Alabama just wanted pig tails. Everyone had a great day and we stopped by Lidl on the way home to get a few groceries. (PSA- they’re pumpkin filled donuts are back and are pretty much the best donut ever!) (oh, and for the health conscious, Honeycrisp apples are 99cent a pound!) Mattie Mae fell asleep on the way home and when we got home, she stayed asleep and the kids played outside for a while. Adam finished getting supper ready and we ate tacos. #tacotuesday We are then Pate wanted to do the “dinosaur excavation” he got at co-op. He hammered away on the porch for a while then it was time for baths and bed. And by time, I mean past time. When I sat down after putting everyone to sleep, it was 9:41. What in the world happened to the night?? And here it is 12:01 and I’m about to take a shower while I listen to a podcast. If you just read all this, bless you. Ha! Also, if you have any ideas about how to get pictures onto Blogger from your phone, please let me know!!

Monday, October 1, 2018

October 1st

In the past, I’ve blogged everyday in October, and I thought it would be fun to do that again. We have lots of fun things coming up and it will be fun to make sure I write about them a little bit! We have been in “school” two months now and it has been going so well! We love our co-op and our days at home have been great, too! Everyone gets their work done most days and we’ve had some fun outings and field trips. Blue is going to preschool everyday and is doing so well! 
Our curriculum this year: 
Alabama-4th grade :

LA- Abeka 
Math- Teaching Tectbooks (she’s finishing up the previous level then will move into the next one) This has been a game changer for our homeschool life! 
Penmanship- Handwriting without tears- cursive 
Science and Art at our co-op and CC memory work
History- CC memory work 
I think we need a writing curriculum like IEW but we haven’t added it at this time. 

Pate-1st grade
Math- Abeka 
LA- Abeka 
Penmanship- Handwriting without Tears
Science and Art at our co-op and CC Memory Work
History- CC Memory work
Music- Drums 

We’ve been to see Cinderella by the Columbia County Ballet at the Imperial, learned how to make a movie at the Apple store, hiked to see Anna Ruby Falls, and went to the painted piano dedication at the Book Tavern. 

Happy October 1st! 

May 31, 2018

So since I'm really terrible lately about blogging milestones, birthdays, etc....Here is an update of what Alabama is up to on THIS day. :)
Alabama is 9 and is the tallest in her class. She is finishing up 3rd grade. We still have a little bit to do in math and spelling over the summer. She is a fantastic reader and loves to read American Girl books, Who Was books, and right now is reading her first Nancy Drew novel. She's not normally into mysteries because they scare her, but she said she's actually liking it a lot. She helps me so much with everything from taking care of Mattie Mae to watching out for her brothers to teaching them in her "school." She is a little Mama through and through. It can get a little out of hand at times, though. She sometimes forgets I'm the actual Mama. She is absolutely beautiful but has started to notice things she doesn't like about her appearance like freckles. That makes me sad. She has had a lot of trouble with anxiety and worry this year. We quote Bible verses on fear often. I try to make sure she has all the information about a situation so she doesn't worry. She played softball this Spring, but didn't really like it. She had a few good hits and stops, but tells me often it's her first and last year. ha! She still loves to play dolls and dress up. We've hit a sort of sweet spot where she and Mattie Mae play babies together. MM will ask her "Play babies?" MM just got a Bitty Baby and they've had the most fun with their matching dolls. Alabama is still very shy and won't talk to people, but has gotten a little better at responding to questions people ask. She also had a solo in the Children's Musical and sang beautifully! She loves clothes and shoes and is so into putting outfits together. She still loves her skinny jeans but hates long shorts. She is so funny and witty and a lot sassy. Especially when Audra is here. She notices everything and takes in her surroundings and studies people.