Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 24- Happy 2nd Birthday Pate!

Pate, you are two years old today! My baby boy is getting so big now! I still feel like you are my baby, though! When I ask you , "Who's Mama's baby?" you point both hands to yourself! Love it. You are so good at running, throwing, climbing up and down stairs, balancing on rails, and climbing things you shouldn't. You have many more motor skills than Alabama did at two. You say about 25 words. You say Mama (672 times a day!), Dada, Papa, KahKah, Ju-Ju, Nana, Bo-Bo, Georgia, no-no (cutest word yet!),  tractor, truck, car, ball, school, church, juice, cup, boots, boat, pull, banana, boo boo, poo poo, more, nite-nite (so sweet!) and go. They are not all clear words, but ones we understand. You aren't putting any words together yet except for Go Dawgs!

You love anything with wheels and can spot tractors, and dump trucks, and fire trucks, and trains a mile away! You drive your cars and trains around the house all day. You like to color with Sister sometimes. Your favorite books are ones that have pictures of tractors and little words! ha! You like to sing Teddy Bear, Happy and you Know It, and the Wheels on the Bus. You like to watch Thomas, Sesame Street, Veggie Tales, and tractor shows. You would stay outside and play all day if you could! You are drawn to the dirt like a magnet!

You are so sweet and like to give hugs and kisses and high fives! You are also strong willed and want your way! When you get in trouble, you stop and look down and usually drop your passy out of your mouth. ha. You don't always want to obey, but you do love to be a helper and will put trash in the trash can and take things where I ask. When you don't obey, you will lay down in the floor and cry but after a few minutes by yourself, you are usually compliant! You still love your passy and sleep with it and have it in the car and you want it at home if you can get to it! You are sleeping 10 hours a night (usually waking between 7-8 now) and take a 2-3 hour nap most days.

You are a very picky eater but your favorites are bananas, chicken fingers, strawberries, grapes, pizza, cheese, pouches, yogurt, and pancakes....and anything sweet! You are the drinkingest boy ever and can suck down a whole sippy cup in like 2 minutes.

I know God has great plans for you and He is working even now in your life to fulfill them. I am so happy to be your Mama! I love you so so much and can't wait to see you growing more! You are so handsome I can't even stand it! Those sweet cheeks and long lashes and beautiful lips are just too much! I treasure each day with you and love spending them with you!

Day 23

Pate opened his birthday gift from his grandma at church tonight. It's a singing bear, but the batteries didn't work, so we haven't heard him yet. After church, we went to Little Casesar's to get a $5 pizza, and left with two pizzas, crazy bread, Sierra Mist, and $15 less money! Go figure!

Day 22

Today was Pate's picture day, so Alabama took a sibling picture with him, too. I can't wait to see how they turned out. We played for a little while today after school. Alabama will say, "It's such a beautiful day to play outside, Mama!"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21

Today was picture day at school for Alabama. Here she is after school.
She said the man who took the pictures was so funny....he thought Sarah Beth's name was George! ha! Her sense of humor is so funny!

We went to take some thing back to WM tonight and grab a few things. It was too late, but we did it anyway! They were c.r.a.z.y! Adam asked me what in the world I gave them today. The answer: Annie's bunny cookies. Apparently, way too many of them! Pate found a tractor in the produce section.
He thought it was there just for him! He could care less if it's part of an apple display! ha! Even after I dragged him away, and we had checked out and were ready to leave, he started to go back over to find the tractor. I stopped him before he made it and since was now screaming, I just took him out the closest door (which wasn't the one we came in.) Adam and Bama were already heading out the other door and so we walked down to wait on  them. They didn't come. So we walked back in and didn't see them, so we went to the car. When they finally got there, Alabama said "We thought y'all were lost!" I said, "You did? Were you sad?" She told me, "Well, Daddy was scared, but I wasn't." Then she said, "I looked at those pictures on the wall (the missing children posters when you leave WM!) and we didn't see y'all, but I still thought you were lost." LOL!!!! Oh, my goodness! She makes me laugh every single day!

Day 20

Alabama sang at church on Sunday night with the Little Lights Choir. You can see the video by clicking here! She is on the left in the blue/green dress.

Day 19

This picture is from Friday night before we left to take the kids to Adam's parents and go on a date. We went to the new T-Bonz in Evans. It was okay, but it WAS really great to eat and talk and not be a jungle gym during the meal! :)
I'm 29 weeks here. Sweet Pea and I are doing great!
Saturday, Adam went hunting with Michael,  so I took Alabama to Sparklers, ran some errands (like getting an iced coffee!), picked her up, went to Wal-mart for a gift, then home really quick, then to our friend Henry's birthday party. It was a fun tractor theme party at a park. Pate's favorite! There were some older boys throwing a football and he thought that he was just as big. He went right out to where they were and wanted to play, too. They were really nice to him and let him get it a few times. He also loved playing in the "sand box" and digging for the toys. That boy loves some dirt!

When we got home, Adam and had starting moving our bedroom around to make a space for the baby. (Amazing what a little hunting gets you! ha!) We aren't finished, but we got pretty far on the room. We ate leftovers and got the kids in bed early! We watched FNL and had a relaxing evening at home.

Oh, while we were in the car at Wal-Mart, a man walks by in a orange tee-shirt and he had a while beard. I couldn't see him from where I was, but Pate spotted him and said, "Ho, ho ho" in his deep Santa voice! Too funny!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18-Pumpkin Patch fun

We've had a fun day today!!! We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, went to see Granny and to the bank, then went to the pumpkin patch! They had a good time looking at all the different shapes and sizes and textures! We selected our pumpkins and took them home to take some pictures and paint them! Here are the best pictures from our "fall photo shoot." Pate was so excited to pull and ride in the wagon around our yard. He didn't want to come inside to paint but liked it once he started! He kept saying "more!" Alabama was so excited about painting the pumpkins. Her's has a jack-o-lantern girl, a bat, a butterfly, and a candy corn! ha!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17

Today was spirit day at school! Here is Alabama and Pate in their outfits. My little cheerleader and football player! Love them!

Alabama said this morning. "Mama, I know Clara really does love the Georgia Bulldogs even though Taylor makes her say that stuff about the Gators!" ha!

Day 16

They mystery of the whining baby was solved today. I knew something was just not right with him. I took him to the Dr. this morning and he has a double ear infection. Whew! Thankful for discernment, good doctors, and anti-biotics! I hate to think of how long he has had it, though. :(  Hopeful that he will be feeling better soon!

Day 15

This is the day that I was glad to see come to an end. Pretty much non stop fussing and whining around here on our second day of fall break. I thought the day was getting a little better when we all went outside for a while. They played while I sat on the porch and read my Bible study. It was about Jesus temptation in the wilderness and how God not allow you to be tested more than you can bear. I was thinking maybe it applied to whining, too. You won't be given more whining than you can bear! ha! We came back in and had lunch and I tried to put Pate down for a nap (and Bama, too!) but they weren't having it. He cried the whole time while I took a shower. So, I thought we should get out of the house for a while and we needed some black shirts to make a gift and I had store credit at Hobby a trip to HL it was! Well, not much is worse than a whining day at home...except a whining day in public! ha!! Pate didn't want to sit in the seat, then he didn't want me to hold him, then he just wanted to fuss. So we got our shirts and we looked at the Christmas stuff for a few seconds and we left....with a bag of chex mix for the road. (Pate sees pictures of Santa and says Ho, Ho, Ho now. :)) Adam said he would pick up supper, but we didn't really have the money for that and we had food to eat, so I scrounged something together for supper. We had a quick supper, baths, and bed! Then we watched our favorite...Friday Night Lights. We started watching when we got rid of our satellite and switched to Amazon/Netflix for TV. We only have a few episodes left of the series. boo. We'll have to find another show then...maybe back to Matlock! ha! I worked on the shirts and made a cute pumpkin shirt for Pate and two for friends' birthdays. They turned out super cute!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 14

Monday and Tuesday are Fall Break for schools around here, so we didn't have school today. Pate and I both got our hair cut (he was not a fan!) and then Mimi took us to lunch with our Chick-fil-A coupons. Alabama went to run some errands with Mimi and Alicia while I took Pate home and delivered Daddy's guitar.
 Alabama came home later and had gotten pedicures with them. She had pink toenails with white polka dots! She is so proud and keeps saying it won't come off, even when I take a bath!
While Adam was cooking supper, Alabama and Pate helped me make apple dumplings for dessert! They were so delish! Even Adam said they were good and he doesn't usually eat cooked fruit desserts. They Pioneer Woman made them here!  You should definitely try them!

Day 13

Sunday was a regular day around here. We had to be at church at 8 for praise team practice and then had church. We heard the last sermon on our 23rd Psalm series from Pastor Bill. It has been very interesting to do an in depth study of the Psalm. I especially loved the part where he talked about the song "I'm Drinking from my Saucer, Because my Cup Overflows." It was such a great visual of just how blessed we really are!  After church, we went to eat with my family at Ivery's in Thomson. Hands down, best home cooking/soul food in the CSRA (and anywhere else maybe!). We had a lovely time discussing Mule Day, the Greg Harden show, and the GA/MIZZOU game. We came home and napped (Oh, what a glorious nap it was!) and got ready to go back to church for the evening service. I played for that service as well, so I got to be in church, too. After that, we ate Mexican with the Walden's and had a fun night with them. Pate made a beautiful mess with the rice/sauce in my plate, but at least he was happy!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 12- Mule Day and Steed's Dairy

We had a lot of fun on Saturday! After practice, we went to Mule day in Washington.

Audra, Georgia, Chris, Morgan, Ethan, Anna, Maxine, Jerry, Bo, Kathie, and Jenna were there, too. Alabama was so excited to see her cousins! Pate was so excited to see the tractors. He woke up talking about those tractors Saturday morning! He tried out a few of them! This face was priceless...we just kept laughing and laughing! The man cranked it up for him and he just loved it! ha! They have lots of things to see, but we went to the school house, the main house and saw the sheep dogs herd the sheep and ducks.
After we left Mule Day, we napped on the way home and in the car for a few minutes before we went to meet the Young Married's from church at Steed's Dairy. We slid, played, got our face painted, saw the animals, went through the maze, rode the hayride, rode the train, and had a great time! Pate's favorite part was playing in the big dirt pile with the toy tractors. Boy all the way! Alabama's favorite was being with her friends! We are so thankful for such a great church and all the wonderful families we can fellowship with! Love them!

After we left the dairy, we went to DQ with the Walden's. We are so blessed with great friends! I was telling Alabama about how when I was a little girl, the Stuckey's gas station with DQ inside was my favorite! I thought it was so fun that you could buy other stuff besides gas station stuff there! ha!
Oh, before we left Saturday, Adam and Alabama called Audra to see if she was ready. She was on speakerphone told them that I said 9:45 and it was only 9:23 so she still had time before we were leaving. Alabama told her, "I know, but Daddy doesn't know. He just gets confused sometimes." ha!

Day 11

I wrote a whole post about Friday, but it wouldn't post from my phone. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 10

I had an appointment today with Dr. Joseph. I am 28 weeks pregnant! I had to do the glucose test today.  I was so hungry when I left, but then all I ate for lunch was McD French fries and tea. ha! I heard the heartbeat and the nurse measured me and I talked with Dr. Joseph for a few minutes and that was it. He seems like a very good doctor...always takes time to ask if I have any questions....this is just the second time I've seen him, but so far, so good! We still don't know if the baby is a boy or girl, but it will be fun to find out at the delivery. He/she kicks and moves all the time, sometimes you can see them moving outside! I am still feeling good, just a little sore sometimes....and the heartburn. boo. I'm so thankful for this precious life that God had given us! This is a sonogram picture from back in August.

Alabama got a "magic marker" from the treasure box at school today. She asked if she could write with it in her book and I said sure. Then a little later she said, "what all is a magic marker supposed to do?" I said, "you just write and draw with it." She was very disappointed and said, "I thought it was supposed to do all kind of stuff." I guess the "magic" part was a little bit of false advertising for her!

Day 9

On Wednesday mornings, Pate and I attend Bible Study Fellowship. It is such a wonderful bible study and this year we are studying Matthew. They have an amazing children's program, too, where they learn the same things that we do. After BSF, we have about an hour before I need to be at the preschool to teach two music classes. This week, Pate and I went on a picnic in the park at Riverwood and he played for a little bit on the wooden train and the swings and the slides. It's such a cute park and there is never anyone there! We had fun mama/Pate time!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8

It has felt so good outside today! Fall has finally arrived and I really hope it is here to stay! :)
Alabama uses the funniest words sometimes. She hears them and them implements them into her daily vocabulary. This morning, when she saw the new curio cabinet in the living room, she said, "It really looks quite a bit different in here." ha! Then this afternoon, she was writing a paper for Jake and when she finished, she said, "Taylor is going to be very cross." I asked why and she said, "She's going to be cross because I didn't write one for her." Thanks a lot Sir Toppham Hat! ha!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7 -Candy corn

Alabama looked precious in her candy corn outfit that her Mimi ordered for her today! It was soo cute!
She told me when she got in the car today that she asked Jake if the tooth fairy came. He told her yes and that he got money! Later on, she was sitting in the office with me writing her "roll" of her and Pate's class, and all of a sudden says, "I didn't know there was really a tooth fairy." I said, "You didn't?" She said so seriously, "I really didn't know we had fairies around here!" haha!!!!

Day 6 - That's funny right there!

Alabama has been talking about Jake all weekend! She kept telling me about the tooth he lost. I said, "I know, Bama. You told me." She said, "How do you still remember that?!"

She told us on Saturday that when she gets to be a teenager, she's going to come back here to the waterfall with a boy. Um, yeah, like your Daddy boy! Where does she get this stuff?

She is really good at imitating other people. She was singing Jesus Loves Me in the car this week in a normal voice. Then she started singing in a really loud voice. It sounded just like she sang it in a video I took when she was about 3. Then she told me, "I need to watch that video again so I can copy it."

She was telling me about a boy in her class, Micah, who has a "baby" sister named Sophia and another sibling, too. She said  "What's it called when the baby doesn't come out of the mama's belly?" I said "You mean she's still pregnant?" No. Then I realized she meant that she was adopted. Yes, that's it. So then I asked her where was she adopted from? She answered, "The airport." ha!

Day 5- Trip to the North GA Mountains

This Saturday, we took a day trip to the mountains to buy some apples! I looked up a place online to go and it said "most popular apple farm in Ellijay"....(Key words to avoid in travel- "most popular"!). We arrived and it was so crowded and stinky and nasty and hot. So we ended up buying one bag of apples and then going up the road to Mac's Apple Barn and buying two more (no lines, just apples....perfect!). Then we said we would try to find something else to do that wasn't so crowded and nasty. I saw a sign for the Amicalola Waterfall on the way, so we headed that way. It is the Amicalola State Park and it was very nice. We stopped at the Visitor's Center and looked around. Here we are about to go in.  (Aren't they cute in their apple outfits!?)      
 Alabama and Pate tried on the bear hats and played in the rocks in the gift shop.

 We drove over to the "Base of Falls trail" and started our hike to see the waterfall. It's a really good thing that we had no idea how far it was when we started! Alabama did really good most of the way. We took a few breaks. Here we are taking a break on the rocks beside the stream that runs down from the falls.

 When we made it up the paved hiking path, we were only about halfway to the top. You really couldn't see the top of the falls from here. There is an observation deck and then 175 stairs to climb to get to the top. Alabama really wanted to go up the stairs, so after a little rest, we did! She walked all the way and Adam carried Pate.
 We're about to reach the top here.
 Isn't it beautiful? It felt great to hike all the way to the top and then be rewarded with a beautiful waterfall! (Well, I don't mean it actually FELT great....but the accomplishment did! ha! I probably wouldn't recommend it to any others who are 7 months pregnant!) It's so awesome to experience the beauty of God's creation first hand!
 I have no idea why this picture is sideways!
 We basked in our glory for a few more minutes, then started the hike back down. My legs were shaking by the time we reached the bottom. Alabama wanted to get on the big rock, and so Pate did too, of course.
 We drove up to the top of the mountain where the Lodge and restaurant are. Before we went inside, we played for a few minutes on the playground and Bama had to have a "picnic."

 The inside was gorgeous and the view was just magnificent! They had a really good dinner buffet and it felt good to sit down and eat a nice meal after our tiring day!
 After we sat and enjoyed the sunset, we DROVE to the top of the falls and looked down from there. (That's right, drove. You could have just driven to the top and then walked down a ways to get to the observation deck instead of walking all the way up! We didn't know!
Oh, well....memories made! ha!)

The Georgia/TN game was in overtime was we drove down the mountain and we pulled out the win with a field goal! Perfect ending to what turned into a really fun trip!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4-Sparklers

Alabama twirled with the Sparklers tonight at the THS football game! She looked so cute and did a great job! The football team left much to be desired, though. Here's a few pictures of the sweetest and cutest Sparkler I know!