Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Funnies

There is never a dull moment in our house, that's for sure. These two always keep us laughing. Here's a few things we think are funny right now!
-Alabama did a stint as a preacher a few weeks ago. Most of the sermon went like this. "Moses went down to the water and he swam and swam. DO YOU HEAR ME FOLKS???!!!!" Adam told her that her delivery was great, but her content needed some work! ha!
- Pate likes to take your seat when you get up. Then he says "Mama seat" or "Tay Tay seat" and then wants you to get him for taking your seat.
- Alabama says "capri suns" when she means capri pants. Such as, "But I don't want to wear capri suns today!"
-Pate will repeat his ABC's after me sometimes but when he gets to "U" he thinks I'm saying "you" and he says ME! ha!
-Alabama is still so good at imitating people. Tonight she retold a video of our cousin Kevin she saw on FB. Words, accent, and everything.
-Lately, she has been telling her friends and family that she got a new dog and a new bird. The only dog she got was a stuffed one from treasure box at school.
-Pate loves to wear hats. He has a few caps but I bought him a fedora from the $3 section at Target that turned out to be too big, but he wanted to wear it anyway. He walked around school with that thing on Wednesday and was just as proud as he could be! He says, "My yat!" ha!
-After a morning filled with spit up and poop and pee, Alabama came into my room and said, "Mama, you're gonna be a rockstar!" I laughed and said, "I don't feel like a rockstar today!" She asked why so I told her about all the things that had already happened this morning. As she was walking out of my room, she pointed one finger to me and said, "Well, I'm gonna make you a rockstar tomorrow!" hahaha! Love that girl! What does she know about rockstars anyway? ha!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blue is Two....Months!

Baby Blue,
You are two months old!
Wow, what a month it's been. Here are two pictures that we got when we finished up your "newborn" session on the 8th. Christina Annis did a great job and they are beautiful pictures!
 We had a major ice storm here so our weeks of taking it easy continued! :) It was really devastating for some, but our power was only out for about 12 hours overnight. We bundled you up and we stayed warm. We celebrated your first Valentine's Day by going to visit Granny and Nana with Mimi and having a special Valentine's dinner at home that night! For your Valentine treats, you got a blue heart passy and some gas drops! :) We had sweet cards that we delivered that had pictures of you as a Hershey Kiss!
 On Saturday, you also went with me and Daddy on a date to the Boll Weevil which was cut a little short for you to nurse in the car. I finished my chocolate banana cake the next day.

 You also had to stay one night in the hospital at MCG for a virus/cold that you got from Pate. You were fine, but they wanted to monitor you to make sure it didn't get worse and you didn't need oxygen. You didn't. We went home at lunch time the next day but when we went to the doctor on Tuesday, you had fluid in your ears (the other doctors never looked) so you took an antibiotic for 10 days and are great now! When we went to the doctor, you weighed 12 1/2 pounds.
Jeff and Brooke and Ben, Anna, and Katie Claire came up on the weekend of the 22nd and got to meet you! They loved you so much and we miss them already!
 You went on your first road trip at the end of the month to Athens for Alabama to see the GymDogs meet. You did great!
You love to take baths now and never fuss at all.
Pate still loves to say "Hey Bebe" and "Hey Boo" to you! He loves "my baby" as he calls you! He thinks it's funny to say that you drink juice or tea when he knows you just drink "Mulk"! ha! He gives you your (or his!) passy when you cry and shakes your car seat and sshhh's you, too. I just love this picture of y'all! <3 p="">
Alabama is a great big sister to you. She loves to hold you for me, but says you are getting really heavy and you make her arm hurt. :) She reads to you and says how cute you are all the time.

 You are doing so much better at the end of this month than the beginning. Your tummy is feeling much better and the gas issues are pretty much gone! Praise the Lord! (It was so bad I took you to the chiropractor twice!)  You're getting SO big now! I can't believe how much you've filled out since one month ago! You wear size 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers! You are eating every 3 hours usually and will go about 5 hours at night. You love to smile at me when I talk to you! It's so so precious to see! You also just started talking and cooing! It's just so sweet to hear that little voice! Your head control is so much better and you just started wanting to sit up in my lap and not be laid down. I love my sweet baby even though you don't want to be a baby for long. :( Just look at those sweet little cheeks!

 Love, Mama

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alabama Grace is Five!

Five years ago, our lives changed forever when we became the parents to our sweet Alabama Grace. Now we can't even remember what life was like before her! Really...what did we do with our time and what was life without her????

We are so honored to have you as our first born daughter. You have brought such joy to our lives and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your Mama. It seems like so much longer than five years to you've been here forever.....but then again it seems like just the other week we were in the hospital having you.
 You've changed so much in these five years of course. You once were this baby who didn't want to go to sleep without being held on the couch and then you were a toddler who slept so good, and now you're a five year old who wants me to stay for one song and then ends up in our bed every night. You once were a baby who didn't want to walk until you were 13 months old and now you're a 5 year old who loves to do cartwheels and flips and is a great twirler! You once were a baby who loved her baby dolls at such an early age and now you're an amazing big sister who loves her baby brothers with all her heart and is just the sweetest thing to them.
You once were a baby who loved to eat carrots so much your nose turned orange. Now you're a five year old who loves to eat steak, roast, fries, cookies/cake, candy, yogurt, cereal with dried strawberries, shrimp, eggs, ice cream, and now bubblegum....but not carrots. You once were a baby who talked very early and then you were a toddler who made us laugh with all the cute things you said and now you're a 5 year old who NEVER stops talking....unless there's a stranger around. You once were a baby who was so smart and could sign so many words and always amazed us with the things you knew, and then you were a two year old who could say your ABC's and know the sounds they make and we couldn't believe all the things you could remember, and now you're a 5 year old who can write all her letters, can count to 100, can count to 10 in Spanish, can read Bob books and sound out words, is so interested in all the things you learn at school, and can remember Bible verses and the Lord's Prayer.

 You once were a baby who loved music and to "sing" Climb up Sunshine Mountain with Aunt Judy. Now you're a 5 year old who sings all. day. long. and loves to make up your own songs and perform them for us. You once were a baby who didn't really care about coloring. Then you were a toddler who loved play dough. Now you're a 5 year old who LOVES to create. You draw and color and cut and design every single day. You once were a baby who we entertained with peek-a-boo and patty-cake, and then you were a toddler who entertained us with stories about the boy who said "that's hilarious" and much more. Now you're a 5 year old who loves to entertain and play with Pate and make him laugh and who has us rolling in the floor with all the sassy things you say and your "preaching" the other day. You once were a baby who was adored and carried around by your cousins . Now you're a 5 year old who absolutely loves those girls and wants to be just like them. You once were a baby who I loved to dress up in cute dresses and outfits and sweet matching shoes and headbands and bows just like my own real live baby doll. Now you're a 5 year old who has a strong opinion about what you wear and who loves to dress your own baby dolls!
You once were a baby whose hair I couldn't wait to grow and put pig tails and bows in. Now you're a 5 year old with beautiful, long, curly hair who never wants it brushed!
You once were a baby who I put so much time and love into decorating your nursery before you were here. Now you're a 5 year old who loves to help me decorate for special occasions and holidays and just now likes to make your room look nice and put your pillows on your bed just so and have me come look at what you've done. :)  You once were a baby who we called Sweet pie and Alabama the Beautiful, and Baby Doll, and Princess, and Punkin' Pie. Now you're a 5 year old who still likes to be called Sweetheart and who will always be my baby.
 You once were a baby who loved for us to clap for you. Now you're a 5 year old who still loves for us to clap for you and loves our approval and praise.
 You once were a little baby who thought the world revolved around you (and it pretty much did! ha!). Now you're a 5 year old who still likes to get your way but is also so kind and generous to others. You once were a little baby who I couldn't wait to be my shopping partner. Then you were a toddler who went everywhere with me and Papa. Now you're a 5 year old who loves to stay home and hates to go to any stores.  You once were a little baby who I held all the time, then you were a toddler who loved to run and play. Now you're a 5 year old who still needs to be held and cuddled sometimes, too.
 Commence cute pictures that I couldn't help but post:

I love that even though you're growing up and I'm learning to let you, you're still my sweet five year old who isn't all grown up just yet. I pray that you will grow to love God more than anything else and serve him all the days of your life. I know He has great plans for you and I pray I can train you and equip you for the path that He has for you. I love you more than ever before and I hope that I can be the Mama that you deserve.

 To celebrate turning 5, she had a Bubblegum birthday party at the park with her friends and family! I hope it was a fun day for you that you'll always remember!

Pearson Blue -1 month

Blue, you turned one month old on February 6th! We are learning to be a family of 5 and getting to know each other! You came home on Wednesday January 8th. We picked Alabama up from school on the way home and she was so surprised and excited! Granny and Aunt Judy drove out to see you when we got home. It felt so great to be home all together!
We went to the doctor on Friday and everything was great. Daddy went back to work the Monday after you were born and we stayed home that day. Tuesday, I drove us to take Pate and Alabama to school and you and I came back home. Getting four people ready is definitely different and will take some getting used to!
You love to nurse and are very good at it. A little too good at it, because you want to eat every 2 hours a lot of the time! You have had some very bad gas pains, though, which makes it uncomfortable for us both. :(  I wish I could make it not hurt you, but the gas drops/gripe water only do so much. I've cut out caffeine, dairy, beans, spicy foods, salads but it hasn't seemed to make much difference. (We will especially remember when Daddy had to go to Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning to get gas drops for you!) When you're not hurting, you are a very sweet baby and so so cute! A lot of times, you have a worried look on your face with your wrinkled eyebrows, but when you are relaxed, your face is full and so cute!
You didn't like your first bath one little bit. You even woke Pate up and he was so worried about you. He came in our room for a while to make sure you were okay and he helped brush your hair. :)

 In your one month, you've met lots of family and friends, including Aunt Betty and Uncle Jerry. They came to see you on the Friday after you were born. We also went to meet sweet, Maggie.

You're going to be great friends! :) You have went to visit Granny. You have had your first snow, but we didn't go out in it, just stayed nice and warm inside! :) Your brother and sister love you to pieces, literally! ha! They are all over you and want to hold you all the time.
 You went to church for the first time on 19th for Revival, well, actually, we went to all the services but only got to stay in for part of them. So beautiful in your Sunday gown! Love!
We've been so blessed by our family and church family with the wonderful meals they have prepared for us. I've been trying to be the person that stays home with her new baby, and that has been nice, but also hard for me to do! The snow days have really helped! We did go on a "date" with Daddy one Friday night. We went to the mall to eat at Buca di Beppo and pick up an outfit at JCP. We somehow lost the passy in the car/parking lot but you did great in the restaurant. It was a great night out.

 I've been very worried about pictures this month and trying to get some good ones of you as a newborn. It has been a challenge because you are a light sleeper so those cute sleeping pictures are out of the question. (P and A wouldn't do this either.)
 I'm sure I'll look back later and love the ones we have, but right now Pinterest is haunting me with all these ideas that I didn't do with you. We did get an amazing picture for your birth announcement that we LOVE!
 At your 2 week appointment, you were 9 pounds 5 ounces so that is great!!! The doctor wants you back to birthweight, and you were almost a pound over that. You are growing so well!
You look so much like Alabama and Pate but also so much like your own little self. Love this comparison of you all wearing the same little sleeper. :)
 I love you so much and we are so glad to have you in our family. I pray that we will be great parents that teach you to love the Lord more than anything else and that you know how much you are loved every day!