Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Home Tour 2014

Welcome to the Christmas Home Tour! Nester said it doesn't have to be perfect so I'm trusting her! Ha! I even took all the pictures with my phone and am using my blogger app to post! I've wanted to join in for years but the 15th always came and went so this seemed like the way to just go for it! 
This basket holds our Christmas books and toys. I love reading Christmas books with my babies all month. 
I love this beautiful white nativity I found last year at Goodwill! 
When we returned home from school one day, an elf had left these cute Santa covers on our chairs! #myMamaisbetterthanyours
I love my new print from Jones Design Company and this little baby will not leave this Nativity alone! Maybe I will post some more pictures later...or maybe not! Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Months for Blue

Blue, here's your 10 month update! You are so precious to us and we all just love you from the bottom to the top! :) You like to stand up by yourself and show off your skills!
We've been enjoying fall and having fun spending the beautiful fall season with our little pumpkins. You went to a school carnival, a pumpkin patch, had a bonfire, celebrated Pate's 3rd birthday, and  of course were the cutest Skully the parrot for Halloween! You love to clap, wave, laugh, and smile. You're the sweetest baby and are so good! :) You have two bottom teeth now! You are a very fast crawler, cruise around all the furniture, and I'm sure you'll be walking soon! You don't have many favorite toys...just everything you're NOT supposed to have! ha! You get into everything and have a ball doing it! You like to eat and are eating more during the day and are doing a little better getting up at night. ;)
We love those sweet dimples and are enjoying watching you grow and learn!