Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alabama is Four

You are four years old now! You've been waiting for this for a long time! You couldn't wait to be four years old! When you got up on your birthday, I said, "Happy Birthday!" You said, "Thank you. I'm four! How big am I?" You thought you had grown overnight! ha! It seems like you have! It makes my chest hurt when I look at the pictures of me holding that tiny 6 pound 14 ounce baby. You are so tall and not easy to pick up now. I am sad when I think about how quickly it went by and how I don't even remember it all too well. I almost cry when I think I just want to see you as a little one year old again. But, I know it's all part of God's perfect plan for you life. Between you and Him, you're going to just keep growing! ha! You are the most beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, smart girl I know! I always tell you that you're my favorite girl in the whole wide world and you are!
You are so smart. You know all your letters and their sounds. You can read a few words and are getting better at sounding them out. You can write your whole name. You are so good at learning Bible verses. The latest one you learned was John 3:16 and now we are working on the fruit of the Spirit. You can count to 20 but you usually skip 16. You speak so well and know so many big words. Your favorite books are the Bible, Mickey books, and Llama, Llama books.  I love having you home with me and teaching you through the day. We are reading the Little House books and we love it! You like to pretend to be Laura and Mary. You ask questions all the time and want to know the details of every.thing. Exhausting sometimes, but I know you're just curious and that's how you learn!
You love to play with Pate and are so good with him. Sometimes you fight with him when he takes your toys, but are so good to share, too. You love him so much. The other day, we were at the Riverwalk and I let go of his hand for a second. You quickly went over to him and grabbed his hand. You were so upset that I let go and he could have fallen off the side. You said, "Why'd you let go? Are y'all crazy?! Come on, Pate." ha! He is so lucky to have a big sister like you to take care of him.
Your favorite things to eat are "jelly sandwiches" (pbj), strawberries, chips, goldfish, bananas, steak, macaroni, strawberry bars, pancakes, eggs, and yogurt smoothies. You like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame street, Strawberry Shortcake, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Veggie Tales,  Duck Dynasty, and the Duggars.
You are still very shy around other people but not at home! Your teachers at church and BSF tell me how quiet and sweet you are.  You love so hard and your feelings are easily hurt. You can be dramatic at times. You are very opinionated about what you eat and wear. You like to pick out your own clothes....slow down there, sister. Not until you're 16 I told you! ha! (Speaking of which, you change clothes at least 4 times every day. Usually, there are princess dresses/gymnastic outfits involved and you always take off your "real" clothes and put on "pretend" clothes when we get home. You don't like to wear long sleeves so you always put on a t shirt as soon as you can.)
You are very funny and make me laugh. You can imiate differnt people and have several "voices". You love to dance and do gymnastics and cheer, and twirl your baton in the living room. You are very good at Sparklers and have learned a lot! You love to sing and make up songs. Sometimes you try to teach me the songs you make up. They are usually about the Lord or heaven.
You are very excited about your new bed that Daddy made you. Your only complaint is that it doesn't have real stairs like you wanted, but just a ladder. In trying to find a reason why they weren't ok, you told me, "I just don't think they are safe." ha! You also have a big girl booster seat that you are so proud of.
You are very detail oriented and can remember everything. You can not let anything go and have to correct me if I say it wrong. Sometimes we say, we can see the little wheels turning in your head. When you are in a new environment, you usually won't join in right away, but sit back and take it all in like a sponge. Then when we get home, you re-create it with every detail as you play.
A few of your friends are Georgia and Clara, Annalise and Emma, Jadyn, Kailee, Sarah Beth, and Kylie, and of course your cousins, Morgan and Jenna.
You weigh 39 pounds. You wear a size 9-10 shoe and wear size 4 clothes. Your hair is so long and curly and beautiful. I trimmed it a couple of months ago. You don't usually take naps (although you are right now because you had 3 shots at the Dr today!) because you will then be awake until 12am.  You come into our bed almost every night, But you sleep 12 hours most nights.
I could go on all day, but I want to remember exactly what you were like at this age! I love you so much sweet girl and I am so so happy you are mine! I love you forever, I like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be! I can't wait to see how God uses your perfectly perfect personality and life for His glory!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

21 Questions with the 4 year old!

Alabama at Four 2/26/13

1. What is your favorite color? Purple and Pink

2. What is your favorite toy? Princesses and Mickey Mouse and coloring sheets

3. What is your favorite store? Wal-Mart, Penney’s, and Gymboree because they have a TV

4. What is your favorite TV show? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street

5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Sandwich Jelly

6. What is your favorite thing to wear? My dresses

7. What is your favorite game? Candy Land

8. What is your favorite snack? goldfish

9. What is your favorite animal? Giraffe, elephant and a baby giraffe

10. What is your favorite song? Jesus loves Me

11. What is your favorite book? The Bible because it’s all about our Father

12. Who is your best friend? Georgia and Clara

13. What is your favorite restaurant? Ryans

14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? play on the swingset

15. What is your favorite drink? Apple juice

16.What is your favorite candy? Smarties

17. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? pancakes

18. What do you not like to do? Take a nap!

19. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? My elephant but not my smelly one!

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  A gymnastic girl

21. What is your favorite movie? Veggie Tales

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Funnies

Things that make us laugh! :D

 Wednesday, Alabama watched a lot of TV because she wasn't feeling good. (She went to the doctor Thursday and we found out she has strep.) She watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure last night and she said. "Is Fairy Mary Tinkerbell's Mama?" I said, "No. I don't think fairies have Mama's." She said, "Well, she's big like a Mama!" Adam thought that was just hilarious. Thanks Bama.

On Saturday, Adam took Alabama to Sparklers practice and on the way home, they stopped to get a Sprite and a Coke at the gas station.
Alabama asked Adam "what are these numbers on my Sprite?"
Adam: "What numbers?"
AL:" These numbers on this spinning thing on here."
Ad: "Oh, that's the date. The expiration date."
AL: "What's an expiration date?"
Ad:"It tells how long it's good until."
AL:"Oh, I thought you meant a date. Like a very special time together. Like maybe you go to the movies or something."

I was putting her to bed on Saturday night, and I put a new CD in for her to listen to. The man singing some of the songs is English and of course sings with a British accent. She asks me "Why does he say that like that?" I laugh and tell her "it's because he's from England and that's how they talk there." She says, "Well, why doesn't he say that like I do?" I tell her, "that's the way everyone in England talks. You know, like Princess Kate, she's from England. That's how she talks, too." She then asked, "Is her baby going to talk like that, too?!" ha! Even tonight, she wasn't too happy with the man and his accent.