Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 31-Happy Halloween!!!!

We had a fun day together on Halloween after school! They came home to yummy pumpkin cookies from the mall and milk in their pumpkin cups. We took a nap and got ready for the Fall Festival at church.

 My little Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann! How precious are they!? Too sweet! I love dressing them in matching costumes. People ask Alabama if she has decided what she's going to be for, yes, whatever I tell her! ha! We had a great time at the festival. We played games, jumped, ate, got candy, and went on a hayride!
Sweet babies ready for bed!

Day 30

These glow in the dark masks from Andrea have been the biggest hit! They both LOVE them! Alabama loves to wear them with her skeleton pajamas. Who knew? It's always the simple things!

Day 29

Pate's class went to the "Pumpkin Patch" at school today. They each got to pick out a pumpkin and then they had pumpkin cookies back in the room. Such a fun time of the year! I love all things pumpkin and especially my little pumpkin! :)
 This picture is right before they knocked down the fence! ha!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 28

We had a fun playdate on Monday morning while Alabama was at school. I was feeling much better, just wiped out for a few days. Pate had fun decorating Halloween cookies and playing with Cooper's trains. Andrea is the Hostess with the Mostess! Seriously, her house is beautiful and she is so sweet to plan things and invite us over and even leave with goody bags! She is too much! ha! I'm so thankful to have sweet friends like her and Margaux!

Day 27

Alabama got to bring home Stevie from school this weekend and here they are before church on Sunday. I got sick during the night with a virus and so I wasn't able to go but Adam went with the kids.
Of course, Adam was sick, too, by Sunday afternoon. Never fails! ha!
 Here she is dressed up like a bear to match Stevie while they played outside .
 Pate really knows how to drive that tractor now. It didn't take him long to figure it out. It took Alabama like two years!
 Alabama invented a new game to climb up on the hay bale and slide off the other side. :)
 Pate following Daddy on the tractor.

Day 26

Okay, time to wrap this up and get on with our regularly scheduled life!
For Pate's birthday, we took him to ride Thomas the Train! He LOVED it! He still talks about it today. It was only 15 minutes long (if that?!) but there was a lot of other stuff to do there, too. I wouldn't say the train ride was worth the money, but he had a great time and so I guess it was! My Aunt and Uncle met us there in Cordele, too, so it was great to see them! We had a fun/crazy picnic with BBQ that we warmed up on the car manifold....don't ask! ha! FYI: Piggly Wiggly right before you get to Cordele doesn't have a bakery, so Pate had pound cake for his birthday! (Well, he did have real homemade Thomas cupcakes at school!) Here's some fun pictures of the day!