Monday, May 31, 2010

15 Months

Alabama, the months are flying by and you are 15 months old now!

This was just about a year, how you have changed!!!

You weigh about 26 pounds. You wear size 12-18 month clothes and a size 4 diaper. You can now wear size 4 shoes. I love dressing you in all your fun summer clothes we have! I know it's a little excessive, but you have about 50 dresses right now! ha!

You are such a fun girl! You love to laugh and play.

You tickle everyone and sometimes like to be the "kissing monster" where you will almost bite my face as you are kissing me hard all over! Here Daddy is being attacked! ha!

I can't help but die laughing when you are "kissing" me. It's so funny!

Here you and Jenna are riding Uncle Bo! You love to do fun stuff like that!

You still LOVE to be outside all. the. time!!!!! You play in your house, drive your car, ride in the wagon, swing, and just love to run around outside!

You have begun to be such a Daddy's girl! You want him to hold you and can't stand when he goes out without you! ha!

You love to eat! You eat all kinds of foods now. Your favorite is probably green beans and grilled cheese. (or when your aunts give you sweets!) You still drink your milk in a bottle about 3 times a day. You love to snack on Cheerios now, too.

You like to get dressed and bring me all kind of clothes and socks and shoes to put on. This is you wearing one of my high heel shoes. You are really starting early, girl! ha!
You are so good most of the time, but you have a few meltdowns now and then, too. Thank goodness they usually don't last very long!

You say so many sign language words like duck, dog, cat, frog, fish, book, eat, more, bottle, baby, bath, phone, hat, pig, music, bird, flower, book, car/truck. You can do animal sounds for the cow, owl, horse, and the turkey. It's so cute!

Out loud, you can say baby, bottle, mama, daddy, and yeah. You know what everything we say means and you talk to us ALL day long. I don't know what you're saying, but you sure do! ha!

You are sooo smart! I know every Mama thinks her baby is smart, but I am amazed every day at how much you know!

You love to sing and dance to any music. Your favorite song is still "If you're Happy and You Know it" because you do all the motions to it!

We took you on your first trip to the lake out on the boat, but you were not feeling it. I think we'll wait a while to try that again!

I love you soo much! You're the sweetest girl in the whole wide world!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend recap

We had a busy weekend.....whew...thank goodness for rainy Mondays. ha!
On Friday, we went to visit our friend Casey and her little boy, Ryan. Isn't he such a cutie??!!He and Alabama had a fun time playing together with his toys and at the park in their neighborhood. Thanks so much Casey for having us over and for making us a wonderful lunch! (I'm going to try to make that pretzel strawberry recipe!)

After we left her house, we headed to Atlanta to pick up my sister, Alicia, from training. Alabama was asleep before we got to the gate and slept the whole trip! We stopped at my favorite store...Last Stop Thrift Store in Decatur. The thing I love about it is not only do they have nicer things, it is all organized by size!!! yay! I found a few goodies then we headed home.

On Saturday, we went to my Nana's in Gibson to go fishing with some of our members of the Augusta GCB. For some of them, it was their first time fishing! Here is Alabama in her wagon ready for the day. My Daddy caught two or three. I caught one at the end. Just to say I fished! ha!
Here is Alabama with Nana. (She's probably going to kill me for posting this picture!ha!)Thank you so much for letting us come over! We had a great time!
After we left, we went home and took a shower and had a quiet night at home. After Alabama went to sleep, me and Adam watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". I forgot how funny it is! Cute movie + Hot Matthew McConoughey = Fun!
Sunday, we went to church of course! It was graduate recognition Sunday. The little preschool graduates were so cute and made me realize how fast Alabama will be that big and graduating from preschool! wow! Bryan preached a wonderful message on trusting God during a crisis. What are you trusting God for today? Whatever it is, He is big enough to handle it!!!
Well, I'm off to clean up my office on this rainy Monday! I've got 3 hours to get it done!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Alabama Grace

Today at Kelly's Korner it is "Show us Your Life: Baby Names". Some people may not know where Alabama's name comes from so here you go.

When I first tell people Alabama's name, they usually like it but at the same time are surprised. (Well, one "Aunt" said "Al-a-bama????" in a disgusted voice when I told her....but anyway..) People ask me all the time where we got the name Alabama. They usually assume that we are Alabama (roll tide) fans, or that she was born in Alabama, or that she was conceived in Alabama....which none of those are true! ha!

Actually, we wanted to have a state name since I am Virginia and Adam's sister's name is Georgia. I always thought it was so fun that my sister-in-law was a state, too! Since we are both the first born, my first born became Alabama Grace. We wanted to keep it in the South...not Montana or Dakota...although they are pretty...just not for us.
I LOVE her name because it is so unique, because it comes from my name, because it sounds so Southern, and the Grace because it represents the amazing grace of our Savior! I hope that when she's older, she loves it as much as we do.

And no, I do not plan to name all of my future children different states....that may be a little weird! ha!!