Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Much Fun

We had a fun and relaxing day of snow on last Wednesday! It was supposed to snow all day on Tuesday, but it never did until about 7:00 at night! We caught a few snowflakes on our tongue when we left Mimi's but came on in and went to bed. When we woke up, it had all stopped but we had gotten about two inches! It was so pretty and Alabama and Pate couldn't wait to go out and play! She'd been dreaming of making snow angels and having a snowball fight and making a snowman for days! (She is such a little idealist like me! She has this romantic idea of how a situation will go and how perfect it will be. We are sometimes let down a little when reality hits! ha! I had a nightmare Wednesday morning that the snow had almost all melted when we got up and I was so upset that I should have let her play in it that night like all the people on facebook, and now she wasn't going to get to make her snow angel! I kept apologizing over and over!)
But, as you can see, she did get to make it! That was the first thing she did! Pate wasn't into laying down in the snow but he loved playing in it!
 The cutest faces ever!!!!

 The snow was so fluffy it wouldn't stick together good, but here's our attempt at a snow girl!
 Blue didn't go outside, but he did wear his little snowman sleeper and kept nice and warm inside!
 We came inside and made snow ice cream....delicious. They went back out again with my sister and my Mama to play a little more. They were both just frozen but still didn't want to come inside. We warmed up and had cheeseburger soup for lunch. Then Adam came home around two and they went back out again to ride the hood behind the golf cart. They both loved it!

So pretty!
 The next day, we still didn't have school, but it was so cold that I made them wait until after lunch to go outside and play. A lot of the snow had melted, but they still had a great time making huge snowballs and making tracks in the snow. They took out a couple large spoons and bowls from the kitchen and had a blast! I was grateful for another restful week and to spend some more time at home with these cuties!