Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21

Today was picture day at school for Alabama. Here she is after school.
She said the man who took the pictures was so funny....he thought Sarah Beth's name was George! ha! Her sense of humor is so funny!

We went to take some thing back to WM tonight and grab a few things. It was too late, but we did it anyway! They were c.r.a.z.y! Adam asked me what in the world I gave them today. The answer: Annie's bunny cookies. Apparently, way too many of them! Pate found a tractor in the produce section.
He thought it was there just for him! He could care less if it's part of an apple display! ha! Even after I dragged him away, and we had checked out and were ready to leave, he started to go back over to find the tractor. I stopped him before he made it and since was now screaming, I just took him out the closest door (which wasn't the one we came in.) Adam and Bama were already heading out the other door and so we walked down to wait on  them. They didn't come. So we walked back in and didn't see them, so we went to the car. When they finally got there, Alabama said "We thought y'all were lost!" I said, "You did? Were you sad?" She told me, "Well, Daddy was scared, but I wasn't." Then she said, "I looked at those pictures on the wall (the missing children posters when you leave WM!) and we didn't see y'all, but I still thought you were lost." LOL!!!! Oh, my goodness! She makes me laugh every single day!

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