Monday, August 31, 2009

Treasure Hunting

I had fun this weekend going with my sister-in-law and niece and nephew to a few yard sales! They found some things they loved and so did I. I also got my friend, Leslie, to go with me to the Salvation Army! Much funner than taking my sister! ha.

I got this little organizer for 75 cents. I've seen them used for scrapbooking supplies, a diaper caddie, or a shower caddie.

I got this sweet little watercolor painting of London for $1. The frame is going to get a makeover and then will be perfect in my office.

I got theses DVD's for $2 each.

Also, found this "umbrella stand". (At least I'm assuming that's what it is because the spaces are too big for it to be a trash can.) I'm contemplating attaching fabric somehow to make it into a trash can. Any suggestions?

These two scrapbook albums were $1 a piece. When we go to Disney World (one day), I'll already have the scrapbook for it! ha.

At the Salvation Army, among other things (two boxes of baby cereal, un-opened of course, for 79 that weird??), I found this new drapery rod. I paid $2.99 for it.

I had to return something to Marshalls so I exchanged it for some things they had on clearance. I found a wonderful ceramic artichoke candle holder for $1 which is perfect for my "cheese tray" that I painted last week.

I also found this pear wall hanging ($3) and a little black pencil holder (.70) that I will decoupage in some way.

The week before, I also found some great finds, but didn't have time to blog about them so.....

I got these crystal glasses that match the patter I have. They were in a large box all for $5. In total I have 21 I think. Some have 3 and some have 2...which is fine because we've broken some of our originals so we now have replacements! ha.

I also got these at the same yard sale. A cute little bucket, two plates (not sure how to paint these...any suggestions???), and two fleur de lis plaques. They were all 25cents a piece.

I'm adding this post to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party at her blog,! I love looking at all the wonderful finds each week! My husband is counting down the weeks until yard sale season is over....but I'm NOT looking forward to it...I feel the withdrawls coming now! ha

Friday, August 28, 2009

The first half of the most wonderful year of my life....

Wednesday, Alabama turned 6 months old! I truly can't believe how fast it went by. She's changed so much in these 6 months and I know it will be more and more different from here on out. I love being able to be home with her and see all the new things that she does. Here are a few things at 6 months that really charcterize Alabama!

She is now such a Mama's girl! She won't stay with someone else for long before she is trying her best to get back to me! Love. it.

Okay, she does love her Daddy, too. She is so happy and excited when he comes in and reaches for him to hold her. He of course, is totally in love with her, too! (He's been sick the past two days, so she hasn't gotten to love on him and it's pitiful to see.) :-(

She is still in love with all things paper, but now also plastic bottles. She loves to get her mouth all over them. I even gave her some water with a straw yesterday and she did so good. It's so funny to see her open her mouth for more!

She is now 16 1/2 pounds and 26 3/4 inches long. We went to the doctor yesterday and had her shots (which she did soooo good!) and checkup. She is doing so great! We did get a referral to Dr. Brooks, a pediatric eye doctor, for her drooping left eye lid. Her appointment is on September 10, at 10:10. (easy to remember, huh? ha)

She is getting so good at eating baby food now. I usually don't even need to use a bib anymore. She opens her mouth and swallows well. She has now eaten carrots (her fav.), squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, green beans, bananas, oatmeal, and peas.

She loves for me to sing to her. It really gets her attention and often soothes her when she's fussy. We sing Father We Adore You, ABC's, 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, You are My Sunshine, Rise and Shine, Apples and Bananas, and some others I can't think of right now! What songs do you love to sing?

She is getting very good at going to sleep on her own for naps and at night.

This girl can get anywhere she wants to go! She does the "army crawl" and pushes those toes in the ground and scoots away! I know it won't be very long at all before she is truly crawling! (I've got to get the house ready! aahhh!)

She laughs at me when I tickle her belly and steal all her kissses. It is the cutest sound I've ever heard! I love it! (Tried to get it on video, but then she just stares at camera, of course! ha)

I am so ready for fall and some cooler weather! I can't wait to get out her fall clothes and dress her in some different outfits. I also can't wait for football season and Alabama's first year as a Dawg! It's my favorite season of all and I can't wait to experience it with my sweet baby!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We've been featured on our photographer Ashley's blog! These are Alabama's three month pictures and now we need to do her six month ones. I just ordered the prints I want as a birthday gift from my Mama. I can't wait to get them in! Check it out here http:// . She also has a great promotion going on now so schedule a time today!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My 27th Birthday

I turned 27 years old on August 20th. Wow, the 7 part just doesn't seem right. I feel like it should be a 3 or 4 maybe! ha. I had a fun day with my sisters and baby doing some girl stuff! Alabama wore a new outfit that I had my Mama embroider with an "a" for Alabama. It was sooo cute! We didn't wear the hat during the day, but I couldn't resist a few pictures before we left! Our first stop was to get a spray tan...(didn't turn out, but oh well!). I've done it a few times before because I am sooo white otherwise. I try to use my Mary Kay self tanning lotion, but I don't remember it most of the time. Tonight, my feet are orange and the rest of me had an orange tint as well. Maybe the shade was too dark. I'm not sure.

Anyway, after that, we had to stop in the parking lot to feed Alabama some baby food and to nurse her. This week has been a lot better as far as us getting into a feeding schedule. Then we were on our way! We went to eat lunch at TakoSushi in Surrey Center. I don't understand most of what's on the menu, but I love the California rolls and the Pot Stickers. It was yummy! Alabama thought her toes were yummy, too! ha. The restaurant is right beside the salon where we were getting our hair cut. Chip at Elements Salon is so great! We love him! I just got a trim, but Audra got the color in her hair fixed and got a trim as well. It took quite a while but it turned out great.

We took a mini side trip to the Salvation Army to look around for a minute and then went to meet Adam at Lowe's to grab a few things we need as we finish up getting ready for the cookout we're having this weekend.

We met my Mama and Daddy, Uncle Bo and Aunt Kathie, Jenna, Marty and Kristi at Logan's for supper. It was soo loud in there! We used to love going there, but the last few times, it's been so loud it wasn't nearly as enjoyable. The food of course was delicious and Adam and Audra got me this cake! I told them it looks like it was on clearance so they wiped off the other person's name who didn't pick up their cake! ha! (Audra put Jenna's purse on top of it and smeared the icing!) It was still cute, though, and tasted good, too. Here is me and my Mama. Alabama was loving playing with her Uncle Bo!

I'm so thankful for all the many ways God has blessed me this year! I pray for health and safety this coming year and to grow closer to Him every day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thrifty Finds

I'm so excited to show my thrifty treasures for the week! I went to our local Salvation Army earlier in the week and found these:

two Masters travel bags - $1.50 each!

a Kenneth Cole purse. It's small, but very nice- almost new! - $2.50

a little glass jar with a cute lid - $1

I also got a large valet for a guest room. I've always wanted one of those! (I don't have a guest room now, but I'll probably use it at the house we are fixing up for guests at my Nana's.) It was $6 and needs a little glue on one of the legs. Sorry no picture!

Then I went to just a couple of yard sales on Saturday, but I found this New in the Box Southern Living Dress Me Up plate!!!!! $3!!!!!!! yay! I already have one, but they are selling on eBay for $25-30! I'm listing it today!

I also found this LARGE plate rack. I'm thinking about painting it black and putting it in my bedroom on a narrow wall beside the bathroom. Now I just need some great plates for it! It was $3, too.

Finally, here's the makeover I did for the canisters I found last week. The lids were brown with strawberries painted on them. I spray painted them black and they are stunning..especially with our new black cabinets! Love them!

I also got the hubby to hang the light fixture I've had painted for some time now. It was brass and ugly and the arms were pointing down before. I painted it black and added some new globes. I'm not 100% happy with the globes, but I already had them from another light fixuture I took down so they will do for now. I love the drama it adds to the living room!
Be sure to check out everyone's posts for their thrifty treasures over at Rhoda's blog, Southern Hospitality!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

been busy...

We've had a busy week/weekend getting our house ready for my birthday party this next Saturday. We've been painting the kitchen cabinets black and they are looking sooo good! I can't wait to get the doors back on. Adam has also been building a new storage cabinet and replaced some light fixutures, too. He actually would have gotten even more done, but he had a little cut on his hand that needed about three stitches on Saturday afternoon! We took a trip to the emergency room and he got his first stitch in 31 years! ha. He was most upset that now he's had stitches and that he got blood on his Carhart overalls (they came clean, though!).

I talked my sister, Audra, into going with me to Augusta on Saturday morning. We went to Old Navy where they had $2 tank tops and stopped at a couple of yard sales on the way (much to her dismay! ha). I was happy to find a couple of deals there and also found some great clearance items at Michael's that I can use for my Mary Kay gift baskets at Christmas.

For the past two Sundays, Alabama hasn't been her normal happy self in the nursery at church. When I go check on her after practice, she is crying and screaming! I hope she isn't becoming one of those children that cry when we leave. (I mean I do like it that she misses me, but also want her to be happy with the sweet ladies at church.) I think what it mostly is, is that on Sundays, her schedule is very altered because we have to leave early so she doesn't get as much sleep as normal. After I feed her, she is usually okay, but I think it's more that she is sleepy. I'm also not sure why she has started to wake up again after she was doing so good at sleeping through the night. On Friday, Alabama and I went to the mall and got the Babywise II book so that I could hopefully find out what I could do to help her start sleeping through the night again. I'm thinking that maybe she's just not getting enought to eat during the day since she is bigger now. We're working on eating solid food 3 times a day and then nursing as well. They say that a typical schedule would be 7, 11, 3, and 7. We definitely dont' have it down to that yet, but we're working on it! We also began to not hold her while she goes to sleep, but put her in her crib awake and let her get to sleep herself. That had been our plan all along, but the follow through wasn't always so easy! ha. The first night, she cried for about 25 minutes, but since then it has gotten much better! She will still fuss for a few minutes and lose her passy a few times, but she goes to sleep much faster and is doing so good! It does still make me nervous that she sleeps on her stomach now, though. But I know God has his hand of protection around her and she is safe and comfortable. I'm looking forward to a busy and exciting week! (including my birthday and the start of our bible study at Grace!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I have some great treasures to share with you this week! The first two things I found at a church yard sale here in town last weekend. The bird candleholders I know are UGLY now...but just you wait! They were only 75 cents a piece and are very heavy metal. I'm thinking black for the branches and cream for the birds.

I also got this stool there. I will be painting it black and possibly putting a white monogram on the top for my daughter's room. It was $2.

I found these at a church yard sale, too. They were raising money for families that are adopting children. When I checked out, they lady said "These are all my things!" Great taste, lady! I got the fabric (except the houndstooth, which I found at the SA for $1.99) for 10 cents a piece. The planter ($2) is very pretty as it is and I can't decide if I will paint the sconce black or leave it as it is now. It was just $3. I think it's very pretty either way.

I got this cloche' at the SA for 2.99. I can't wait to get a cute little nest to put under it after I paint the base and clean the glass a little!

A sweet lady from church and family friend was having an estate sale this weekend, so I went early on Thursday and bought a couple things. I got this mirror new in the box for $4.50. I think I will paint it black and you will still be able to see the neat texture it has.

I also got a set of two glass canisters with wooden lids for $6. I will probably paint the lids black and use them for storage of some sort...maybe not in the kitchen. (The second one is larger than the pictured one.)

My most exciting find of the week was a new in the box Southern Living, Harrison plate holder at a yard sale for only........$3! Yay!!!!! I was so happy to find this and even happier that it was only $3! I also found this neat necklace at the same sale for $1.

I love to check out everyone's great finds for the week at Rhoda's blog, Southern Hospitality.