Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pate at 2 months

 Pate, you are two months old now! You turned two months old on Christmas Eve so we had a busy day! I took your picture that morning to make sure I got it! You just get cuter and cuter and sweeter and sweeter every day! You so so handsome and everyone stops to tell me not only how much hair you have, but how cute you are, too! Everyone at church just loves you and goes on and on about how sweet and cute you are! You have turned into such a good baby! You are content to be on your own a lot of the time. You love to ride in the car, but still hate red lights! ha! You smile at talk to us all the time. I just love it! You also smile at other family members and even strangers! Mr. Social!
 You like to swing in your swing a lot. Here is Alabama swinging her baby with you! What you have to look forward to with her for a big! She loves you so much and talks to you a lot now. It's so cute to hear her saying the things that I say to you. She will say, "He's so handsome, isn't he Mama!" ha!
 You also like to play on your play mat on the floor for a while. You will stay on it about 20 minutes at a time. You got a new one for Christmas and I think you will like it even more! If we are holding you, you like to sit up ALL the time! You do not like to lay down at all. Just like Bama. You hold your head up so good on your own and act much older than 2 months!
You are now eating about every 3 hours! PTL! At night, you get up about one time to eat and then again about 6 or 7 then sleep until about 9! Much better than that every 2 hour mess! ha! You wear a size 2 diaper and wear size 3 month clothes and some 3-6 month, too. You are a BIG boy! ha! You weigh at least 14 pounds but we don't go in for your checkup until next week. You look like such a little man but at the same time still look like Alabama did as a baby! I love it!
I love dressing you up in cute outfits when we go out! I admit it's not quite as fun as a girl, but it's still a lot more fun than I expected with a boy! Oh, you started staying in the nursery at church and you always do great!
We are so thankful for you! You are a blessing to our family and we love you sooo much!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch up and Funny stuff!

So I played catch up on my blog tonight! I had to get it done. I love blogging, but once I get behind, I fee like I can't write anything before I catch up with what I've missed. So anyway, it's not as great as if I'd written it all as it happened, but it's good enough! :-) I still have a few more things I may do a post about, we'll see.

Alabama cracks me up every single day! She is just so funny but she does not like you to laugh at her. It's really hard not to!
-Her new saying as of last week is "Guess what!" Everything starts with guess what. ha!
-There's a cat that started hanging around our house and will sit on our front steps and meow at us. Bama is very scared of it and wants the door closed at all times so the cat can't see her and she can't see the cat. Finally after several days of being scared of the cat, Adam told her that the cat was not going to hurt her. If it hurt her, he would shoot it with the shot gun. While she was driving with my sisters, she told them. "If that cat bites me, my Daddy will "shoo" it with that gun shot." ha!!
-She still remebers every little thing that happens with exact detail! Her retelling events and details of the events that happened as she remembers them is so funny.
- She doesn't quite pronounce her "th" and "s" correctly when she talks. It's cute. It sounds like this. "Well, I sink (think) he wants his passy." or from the turkey song.."they lept (slept) all night in the tree."
- I told her after we got home from having Pate that It seems like she gained 30 pounds while we were gone. She seems like such a big girl now and not my baby anymore. One day I told her, "Alabama, I don't want you to grow up anymore. I want you to stay little forever, okay?" She gets her super serious look on her face and whiny voice and  tells me, "But my Daddy said I can!"

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

My Christmas sweeties before we went to the Thomson parade Sunday!


Happy Thanksgiving from these three Turkeys!!!

Alabama had a Thanksgiving party at school where her class were turkeys. They sang a song and she's been singing it ever since. It's soo cute!

Ten fat turkeys are we.
We slept all night in the tree.
When the cook came around, we couldn't be found.
So that's why we're here you see!

One Month

Here is the one month post for Pate! You turned one month old on November 24th...Thanksgiving! We are so very thankful for you! You are getting to be such a little chunk! And oh so handsome!!!
At your two week appointment, you already weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces and were 21 1/2 inches long. The day before you were 1 month, you weighed 11 pounds!!!! It really is no surprise since you LOVE to eat! You are still eating about every 2 hours...even at night! Sometimes you will go three and a half but that's it. You wear mostly 0-3 months clothes now and a size 1 diaper.

Here are the newborn pictures I took. These are a couple of my favorites!
 Everywhere we go, people stop and comment on how beautiful you are and how much dark hair you have!
 You sister, Alabama, loves you so much! She wants to kiss and hold you all the time. She loves to make you clap and wave at me. She always comes to tell me Pate's crying. We just have to watch her to make sure she doesn't try to pick you up! Really the only time she is jealous is when Mimi or someone comes over and they are holding you. She will tell them to put you in the swing so they can come and play with her! ha!
 This is a picture of your first bath. You hated it. Actually you hated the first several baths. Just now you have gotten a little better with it. When you were screaming at the top of your lungs in this picture, Alabama was in the living room saying, "I don't like that noise."
This month you went on your first trip. We went with Papa and Aunt Judy to Greenwood to visit and Aunt Ann and Uncle Phillip.
 You did a lot of new things this month. You went to church and stayed in service with us. The first time you went was the evening service on the 30th. The first place you went out was actually to Target after your first check-up on Friday the 28th. You slept through all of it! We went to a family reunion in Gibson and we even went to the fair!

At first, you were a very fussy little baby, but you seem to have gotten happier in the last two weeks or so. I'm so very glad!!!! :-) It's funny to see the differences in you and Alabama.

Here is a picture of your first bath with Alabama. She was so excited!

It's been an adjustment having a new baby but I am so thankful for you and for a healthy baby! We love you, Pate!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Happy Halloween!

Pate and Alabama were a Georgia cheerleader (of course!) and a UGA football player for Halloween this year! Here are a few pictures of them!

 This is the "cheerleading" before she went to school on the Thursday before Halloween. They had a party at school and got to dress up. Adam was off that week since we'd just had Pate on Monday so he got to go to the party with her!