Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been meaning to post this but two weeks ago, Alabama said her first sentence! The first thing she said was "I want yeah-yeah" (as in the doll) and then she said a few minutes later "I want juice". I was so happy and surprised! She will also now say "I want some!" when you are eating something she wants! Since then she has also started to say "I don't know" and puts both hands out! ha! so funny. She says this quite often....when we ask her where something (like passy) or someone (like Daddy) is or when she is looking for something instead of saying "I can't find....." she just says "I don't know". ha!

Sunday Funnies

Here's another edition of Sunday Funnies with Alabama!

When you ask her what her name is, she says "Me!" and points with both fingers to herself!

Daddy, Alabama, and I went to Five Guys last week....she can make anything become a phone! ha! This is half of a hot dog bun that she was talking away on for quite a while. She would take a bite and keep on talking! ha!

She loves to watch football and tells the players "Go, go!" on TV. It's also soo funny how she wants to have the "tattoos" on her cheek whenever we talk about the Bulldogs now! ha! and then she shows everyone we see that day!

She can spot a yellow school bus a mile away. She says "beep-beep!" whenever she sees one.(She loves the song/book The Wheels on the Bus)

We hope you have a great week! Hopefully we are going to have a few days off this week so maybe we will not be so busy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Unveiling of the new Living Room!!!

Well, it's still not 100% finished, but since Kelly is hosting Show us Your Life: Living Rooms today, I decided to go ahead and reveal our living room switch!

We (I and after much convincing, Adam) decided to switch our "den" and "living room" around for several reasons.

1. Better conversation area and more room for company. Before in the den there was only one couch to sit on to talk or watch TV. In the living room, there was a piano and two chairs! Now the couch and chairs live happpily together in one room!

2. I could put the desk and computer in the old "den" with the piano, and we could convert the office into a playroom for Alabama. I love Fisher-Price and all, but their colors are just not what I want covering every inch of my house!!!

3. I can't remember, but I know there was a number three.

So, Adam took off work for a few days before we went on vacation and we painted and moved furniture! We absolutely LOVE how it turned out! It works soo much better for our family! It's more open, more room to play, and I love having the computer out of the office.
Here is a before picture of the "living room". And here is an after picture! This is the first thing you walk into when you come in the front door. The view here is actually from the dining room.This was the "den" before. While Adam was a little weary of giving us his cozy TV room, he now agrees that the new room is great! I don't have the after pics of the piano/computer room yet, but I will post them, too! The chair on the right is a $5 thrift store find that we are going to reupholster in this fabric that I found at the S.A.! We are also still looking for the perfect light fixutre. The black one will be move to the other room. I am also still deciding what to do for the window treatments/mistreatments. I've got a few things to work with but I just haven't made up my mind yet. Hope you enjoyed the tour! Let me know what you think of the switch! I can't wait to look at all the other living rooms today! I just love to look at people's homes!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gooo Dawgs, Sic 'em!

It's the first day of Georgia football, the weather outside is perfect, we have bar-b-que and hash for lunch, everyone's together, my sweet baby is looking oh-so-cute in her cheerleading is great!!!! Go SEC teams!

We taught her to say "Gooooo Dawgs, Sic 'em!" and then bark. She does the motions and all but she doesn't like the "Sic 'em" part. It's the funniest thing! ha! And her bark sounds more like a little puppy than a bulldog! ha! So cute! (Just starting early as she will learn this on her first day of orientation at UGA in about 16 years! ha)

Showing Papa her GA outfit and the G "tattoo" on her cheek!

This was her first game last year with my sister, different!