Friday, April 19, 2013

Say What?

Alabama has the funniest way she says "Whaaaat?!" sometimes when we tell her something she's excited and surprised about and she laughs and smiles after she says it.

She also says "Cowashians" instead of "Colossians" in the books of the bible song, but I don't want to correct her because it's so cute!

She sings to Pate..."Pay Pay Brown, he's a clown. He's gonna get caught, just you wait and see. Why's everybody always pickin' on me?" Hilarious.

Adam and Pate got their hair cut yesterday.  This morning, she told me randomly, "I bet all of Daddy's friends are gonna say, 'Why'd you get your hair cut?!' when they see him."

That's not sweet!

Today, Alabama was whining about wanting breakfast. I told her that we'd already had breakfast. (I made smoothies with yogurt, milk, bananas, blueberries, and spinach) They loved them but now she says that was just a drink and she needs something to eat, too. I told her that I couldn't understand all that whining. She keeps whining so I start humming 'Jesus Loves Me'.  She keeps telling me I need some more breakfast, etc. Finally she says, "That's not sweet!!!!" I said, "Well, all that whining you're doing isn't very sweet." Then she says, "No, it's not very sweet to tell your child that they can't have any breakfast. That's what's not sweet!" Exact. words. ha! This girl....

Monday, April 8, 2013

17 Months

My sweet boy is 17 months old. Here's a few things you are up to now, Pate.
You love all things trucks and tractors. You can spot them and get so excited and point to them.
You have several tractor/truck books that you look at over and over. You raise your feet up and want to ride them even though it's just a book! ha!
You do love to ride the tractor/golf cart/lawn mower.
You like to see different animals but don't want to get close to any of them.
You don't say much besides Mama, Dada, uh-oh, and uhh. You will repeat some words after us, though like Papa, Kah Kah, Tay Tay, Ju-Ju, ball, cup (p), and golf.
You sign more, yes, no, bye, dog.
You fold your hands to say the blessing and its so cute!
You love to listen to much and dance.
You know your mouth, ears, head, hair, feet, nose.
You wear size 12-18 month clothes. A lot of your 12 month pants are getting too short.
You give sweet hugs and kisses. :)
You can pitch the worst fit and temper tantrums!
But you do the funnest "happy dance" when you get what you want! ha!
You are a climber...stairs, chairs, slides.
You have 5 teeth. (*Update: 4/17- you actually have 8 teeth that snuck in on me! two molars, three on the top front and three bottom front!)
You still take two naps most days and sleep 11-12 hours at night.
I love you soo, soo, much! You are such a boy and I am loving being your Mama more than I ever imagined! xoxo, Mama

I love you as much as....

After we read the book "Guess How Much I Love You", Alabama will tell me that all the time. It's the sweetest thing. :) Here are some things she says.
Mama, guess how much I love you?
I love you all the way to Minnesota!
I love you as tall as the ceiling!
I love you all the way to Africa!
I love you as many as the stars in the sky!
I love you all the way across the ocean!
I love you all the way to the sun!
I love you (this) much!
I love you as big as New York City!
I love you all the way to Las Vegas!