Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 15

This is the day that I was glad to see come to an end. Pretty much non stop fussing and whining around here on our second day of fall break. I thought the day was getting a little better when we all went outside for a while. They played while I sat on the porch and read my Bible study. It was about Jesus temptation in the wilderness and how God not allow you to be tested more than you can bear. I was thinking maybe it applied to whining, too. You won't be given more whining than you can bear! ha! We came back in and had lunch and I tried to put Pate down for a nap (and Bama, too!) but they weren't having it. He cried the whole time while I took a shower. So, I thought we should get out of the house for a while and we needed some black shirts to make a gift and I had store credit at Hobby a trip to HL it was! Well, not much is worse than a whining day at home...except a whining day in public! ha!! Pate didn't want to sit in the seat, then he didn't want me to hold him, then he just wanted to fuss. So we got our shirts and we looked at the Christmas stuff for a few seconds and we left....with a bag of chex mix for the road. (Pate sees pictures of Santa and says Ho, Ho, Ho now. :)) Adam said he would pick up supper, but we didn't really have the money for that and we had food to eat, so I scrounged something together for supper. We had a quick supper, baths, and bed! Then we watched our favorite...Friday Night Lights. We started watching when we got rid of our satellite and switched to Amazon/Netflix for TV. We only have a few episodes left of the series. boo. We'll have to find another show then...maybe back to Matlock! ha! I worked on the shirts and made a cute pumpkin shirt for Pate and two for friends' birthdays. They turned out super cute!

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