Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sound the Octo Alert! Pate is Four!

Pate's 4th Birthday was a success! He was so happy to have an Octonaut party! It turned out cute and he was thrilled to have an octonaut cake and to have party hats, too! He got lots of fun presents like Octonaut toys for days, soccer ball and cones, John Deere Boots, mini trains, a huge truck with trailer, a book, money, a construction tractor, a movie, and more! He was just so sweet and happy to have his family come to his party. :) I love this boy and it makes me happy to see his joy and thankfulness! 

The party table

Sweet shirt from Wiggle Worms Boutique turned out so cute!

Blue was so excited about all Pate's presents! #brothersforthewin

Grandma and Grandpa with the Four year old! 

Kah Kah and Nana

Getting a little help with the candles! 

Opening the Crew

Grandpa helping with the Gup

Mimi and Papa with the birthday boy!
Singing Happy Birthday to Pate!

Party goers :) 
He was so happy about that cake! 

Under the Sea
Watch out for the jellyfish!

Sweet boy! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Funny kids

These kids of mine make us laugh every day.
Alabama really loves to be funny and tries hard to make us laugh. Of course, the funniest times are when she's not trying at all.
She does great impressions of people and movies. Lately, we watched Pollyanna and her and Pate recite scenes from the movie. "If I'm not dead before then!" and "You brought me all the way here to see a dumb old tree!" are her favorites.
Friday, she was doing a pumpkin worksheet and I noticed that she wrote a capital letter in the middle of a word. When I asked her about it, she told me "That's just the font I'm using." ha!
Pate was digging in the mud a week ago when Blue who was beside him, heard a plane in the air. We looked up, but because it was so cloudy, couldn't see the plane. I told Blue, "I hear it, but we can't see it because of the clouds." Pate said, "I can get rid of the clouds." I said, "Oh, how?" He said, I take dis dirt and throw it up to the clouds." I said, "Oh, yeah, I don't think that will work." He told me, "That just a joke." hahaha!
We were amazed at Blue last week. We were getting ready in my closet when Blue came in and said Mama and knocked on the big trunk. Since we were waiting on my sister, I said, "Bama, go see if Tay Tay is here!" Sure enough, she had been knocking on the front door for a while and we couldn't hear her so Blue came to tell us! Such a smart boy!!!!