Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 13

Sunday was a regular day around here. We had to be at church at 8 for praise team practice and then had church. We heard the last sermon on our 23rd Psalm series from Pastor Bill. It has been very interesting to do an in depth study of the Psalm. I especially loved the part where he talked about the song "I'm Drinking from my Saucer, Because my Cup Overflows." It was such a great visual of just how blessed we really are!  After church, we went to eat with my family at Ivery's in Thomson. Hands down, best home cooking/soul food in the CSRA (and anywhere else maybe!). We had a lovely time discussing Mule Day, the Greg Harden show, and the GA/MIZZOU game. We came home and napped (Oh, what a glorious nap it was!) and got ready to go back to church for the evening service. I played for that service as well, so I got to be in church, too. After that, we ate Mexican with the Walden's and had a fun night with them. Pate made a beautiful mess with the rice/sauce in my plate, but at least he was happy!

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