Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go Dawgs!

Alabama is slightly obsessed with football (or actually just the cheerleading part) right now! We have game day every day at our house! She gets her pompoms and cheers and dances and wants you to cheer with her for the Go Dawgs (not Bulldogs!ha!). She also usually calls herself Jacey while she is a cheerleader (I mean cheerleading...that's what she calls the person and the act!) or sometimes Jacey will be there with us and we watch Jacey and clap for her. It's all a big mystery who Alabama is each day! (BTW..I have NO idea where she got the name Jacey!ha!) We went to the border bash to see the "cheerleadings" when GA played SC. She got to take her picture with two cheerleaders and she was so happy! (Alabama just walked in while I was typing and said "Look, it's Jacey! I don't know the other one, I just know Jacey" when she saw this picture with the cheerleaders!)

She loves to have GA stickers on her face and was very proud to get one at the border bash.

She also wants "that boy" to hold her up like the boy cheerleaders did at the Border Bash. "That boy" is usually Adam but could be another boy...like Andrew the other day! She will wave her spirit fingers and say "Go Dawgs, Number One!!!" She's a natural!

We've also been to two Thomson football games and she doesn't really cheer a whole lot while we are there, but she is so excited to go, doesn't want to leave, and talks about it forever after the game! Oh, last week, Jacey was a THS cheerleader! "Mama, see Jacey?! See her blonde hair??!" haha! I don't have a picture but she has a THS bulldog shirt that I made her and she has to wear it to the games but was upset that I suggested she wear jeans with it...."Mama, cheerleadings not wear jeans, they wear skirts!" Oh, I'm sorry! What was I thinking???

Oh, I almost forgot, we also have Hairy Dawg, UGA, and sometimes T-Bone join us at these "games" at our house! Her imagination is beyond anything you could dream up!!!