Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where does she get this stuff???

Alabama says the funniest things and I have no idea where she gets it from! ha!
For instance, she started sometimes calling me "Mom" instead of Mommy or Mama.
Also, she started telling me "I'm fine." As in "Alabama, do you need to potty?" No, I'm fine.
or "It's time to take a nap." Uh-uh, I'm fine."
Another things she says that cracks me up is she will say "Ummmm..." before she tells you something...she's really thinking hard about it! ha!

Two Year Pictures- Take 1

I tried to take a few pictures of Alabama today, but they didn't all turn out so good. The sun was a little too bright...I should have waited an hour later or so and it would have been much better. Anyway, here's a few good ones I thought I'd share! The first ones are in a dress I made her back in December.

Then I took some in her pink tutu with a lollipop that goes with her party theme! -CANDY!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

On Monday, we had a fun Valentine's Day (with the exception of Adam still being sick). I tried to do a few little things to make the day fun for Alabama even though she still doesn't really know it's Valentine's Day. She wore her cute pants that I added the ruffle on to make them longer (and cuter!) and looked adorable with the shirt that Bo and Kathie got her! We stopped at Sonic and got us a cherry limeade before we went to see Aunt Judy and Granny and take them the Valentine she made them. They also gave her a cute card with $3 in it. It was fun to see them for a little while. Alabama was "sharing" Granny's cake and ice cream. She says "I want shum". After we left there, we went home and ate a few heart shaped chicken nuggets :) and Alabama took a nap and stayed with Adam while I went to Augusta to pick-up Alicia and run a few errands. When we got back, Alabama opened her gift from Alicia (two cute pink jackets from Target and some V-day suckers) and then went to the mall with my sisters. They ate at Chick-Chick-A (as Alabama calls it!) and Audra was so excited to take her to Build-A-Bear. (she's been wanting to go for a long time) but apparently Alabama wasn't as excited. It was going great while picking out a cute monkey but when it came time to stuff the monkey, the "machine scared her" because it's pretty loud. Even today when she plays with the monkey she tells me " 'chine scare me" and retells the whole story, just like she does about Santa and the cow at Chick fil A. ha! So she cried and wanted her Mommy and really wasn't into BAB after that. But anyway, they had fun and apparently a really big cookie and she has a cute monkey that has a Georgia cheerleader outfit on. It's really cute.
While they were gone, Adam and I stayed home and ate spaghetti on the couch in our pajamas and watched Jeopardy and a couple other shows we never watch anymore. It was a good Valentine's Day!
When they got home, she opened a little present from me and Adam. I gave her some stickers and some nail polish and I'd already given her a little Valentine book that is really sweet. (Please disregard me in this picture!) She loves to have her toes and fingernails painted pink!

Here's the Valentine with all of her loot including some Valentine's from Nana that she sent on Sunday (hopefully we'll get to see her one day this week or this weekend!).

I hope your Valentine's Day was fun, too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Trip

Adam and I had a little Valentine day trip to Atlanta this Saturday. We had a fun time and Alabama stayed home with Mimi and Tay Tay. We left really early to go to my favorite thrift store, the Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur. I found some fun things. Then we went to a few shops in downtown Decatur and then to the Cheesecake Factory! I've never been there and it was soo good!!!! We shared a hamburger that was delicious and then I had the Red Velvet cheesecake and Adam had the Adam's peanut butter snickers or something cheesecake. It was amazing! I brought some home so I can enjoy it a little later, too. Then we made a stop at Homegoods (my first time....not as big as I thought) and got two things for Alabama's birthday party and then we made our way back to T-town. It was great spending time with my sweetie because we don't do that very often!