Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sweet Baby Blue

Pearson Blue,
It is hard to believe you are two years old now! You're growing up so fast and are learning so so much all the time! You are certainly making room for a new baby in our family!
You are quite mischievous and the twinkle in your eye is ever growing! ;) You will drag chairs from Alabama's room to reach whatever your heart desires. Like bananas while I'm still asleep. (Yes, seems like the perfect time to mention that you can and do climb out of your crib. Our only baby to ever try it.) Or candy or someone's cup. Probably with tea in it. If I think I put something out of your reach and then you make a way to get it, you'll look at me as you're reaching for it and smile and say "got it!!" As much as you like to be sneaky, you also love just as big! You give such good hugs and kisses! You wrap your little arms all the way around my neck and give the hardest squeezes! Pate and Alabama adore you and you are in love with them both. Unless Alabama is trying to pick you up. You usually go along with whatever they are playing and pretend right along with Alabama. So cute.

You have started talking so much now! You say so many words I didn't even know that you knew! Your favorite phrases are "Got it!," "Reeeeach," x "Hey Mama", "Hey girl", "No, no, Pate", "love you," "night night,"  and "Moan" (come on). A typical conversation might go like this:
Blue: 'Daddy"
Mama: "Where's Daddy?"
B: "work"
M: Yep, Daddy's at work.
B: "car"
M: That's right. Daddy works on cars.
You love to copy everything we say with just the same tone and inflection. It's hilarious!
Your favorite foods are : bananas, pancakes, cupcakes, candy, chicken, yogurt, popcorn, strawberries, and oranges. Of course, everything tastes better off someone else's plate! ha! No, Helen!
Your favorite books are : My Truck is Stuck, (you say uh-oh, uh-oh the whole time we read it!), Little Blue Truck, and Biscuit's New Trick.
You don't care about watching TV....or movies. ;)
You can count to three. You know that you are two! You like to put together puzzles.
The things you love to play the most are cars, trains, being outside, ball, riding on your bike or four wheeler, and babies.

You have 16 teeth and weigh 30 pounds. You wear size 24 month and 2T clothes. Size 7 shoe.
You're an excellent climber. You like to wear boots every day. (Now you also like to wear your new red tennis shoes.) You are picky about what clothes you want to wear! "That shirt!" you say.  (I didn't know I had three girls! ha!)
You love dogs and notice them everywhere we go.

You have a great memory that amazes me. Like how you remember that Bo-Bo took your pappy and Kah-Kah broke the chair in the dining room.
We love the joy, love, and fullness you have brought to our family! I know your sweet heart and determined spirit will do great things for the Lord one day! I count it as a special privilege to be your Mama and can't wait to see you grow in your love for the Lord and I pray you will serve Him all the days of your life!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Little Blue is Two!

Our sweet Blue boy turned 2! We had a fun Little Blue Truck party to celebrate! We had pigs in the blanket, veggie straws, popcorn, fruit salad and Pioneer Woman chocolate cupcakes! He had a fun time playing with his cousins and brother and sister, opened some fun gifts, and loved the cupcake!