Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Don't...

Here's a few things I want to remember that Alabama is saying lately.
-When we tell her "Let's go do something"...like take a bath, etc. she replies "Let's don't." ha
-She makes up these crazy stories all the time. A couple weeks ago, she was riding with my parents and sister and told them this story that she has two sisters and a brother. The brother's name is Hay. Yes, that's right, Hay. But Hay fell down the drain in a bathroom. She misses Hay.
-Whenever we show Alabama a picture of my sister, Audra, when she was about the same age as Bama, she thinks it is her every.single. time. The other day there were a few pictures that looked a lot like Bama and she of course thought it was her. One picture was of Audra holding a kitten on the front steps. Audra asked her, "But Bama, you don't like cats. How can that be you?" She said, "Well, I like THAT cat!" ha
-Alabama was eating lunch the other day (which she told me "this is a yummy supper Mama!") and asked for more oranges. I told her she could have some after she ate her fish sticks. She told me seriously, "Well, it's not berry good." ha! Then she said, "Why you was dying laughing???"!
- She likes me to tell her detailed recollections of when she was younger. "And what you said?" "And what Daddy said to me?" "And what I said?" No short answers for this girl.
-Her ABC's go like this. ABCDMSONWXYand Z. Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me.
-Last night she called Adam into her room 5 times after he put her to bed. "I'm cold!", "I need an animal. Please!", "I don't want this music. I want Psalty! Please.", "I want my passy! Please."(which btw, she hasn't had a passy since June but now wants those little green ones that Pate had.), "I need my pillow! Please." haha! Spoiled much?!
- She gets so upset at us when we give Pate a passy. "But he not crying!!" She even wants me to take it out when he's sucking it and content because he's not crying. What's the deal? ha! But she is really good to go and find it for him when he is crying. When she gets back she says, "Say Sissy found your passy, Pate. Say that to him, Mama." So sweet.