Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alabama is 3!

Alabama is 3 years old today! So I feel like that is totally not a baby anymore, but such a big girl. She was so excited to turn 3. She asked me Thursday..."Am I big, now?" ha! She's been telling people all day that she's 3. I'm a little sad that she's growing up but of course excited at the same time. I tell her all the time that I want her to stay little forever but she never agrees. :-)
You are the most precious little girl ever and I am so so happy and honored and thankful to be your Mama. I tell you all the time how much I love you and I could never tell you enough for you to know how much I do! You are soo sweet that I can't stand it sometimes. Like when you pray and say "Thank you Lord for Mama. Help her take care of me and Pate," and when you pray for everyone who is sick, and when you tell Daddy out of the blue, "I like your hair cut.", and when you want me to hold you and you tell me you love me, and when you hug your brother and say "I love you, Pate.", and when you are such a good helper all the time, and when you say in the sweetest, cutest voice, "you're welcome".
Sometimes, your're not so sweet of course, but the sweetness outshines the ugly even when you cry almost every night during your bath, or have all but stopped taking naps, or when you lay on the floor and cry when you don't get your way, or when you won't walk outside without me holding you because you're scared of the "yellow-eyed cat".
You are beautiful beyond words and I want so badly for you to be beautiful on the inside, too. I tell you all the time, it doesn't matter how pretty you are on the outside if you're not pretty on the inside, too.
You  love to play games and pretend all sorts of differnt things. You love to play school and "kids" with Mimi. You like to cook in your kitchen. You like to be a cheerleader. You like to play play-doh, color, and paint. You used to pretend all the time that you were someone else, but most days, you're Alabama now. You like to watch Barney, Tinkerbell, Strawberry shortcake, Minnie Mouse, Veggie Tales, Robin Hood, Sesame Street, and the Letter Factory.
You are so so shy when you first meet someone or are not around them very much. We work a lot on talking to everyone at church. They all think you are such a quiet girl, but I assure them that is not the case at home! ha! You don't really like big crowds either.
You are so smart! You know your ABC's but sometimes leave out J and N. You can count to 12. You know lots of songs that you have learned at Preschool. You can recognize about half of the letters now and know a lot of the sounds they make. It is so much fun to see you learn. You still have the best memory and do not forget anything!
You are the funniest kid! You have us laughing every single day. Sometimes you mean to but lots of times you don't. If I say something that's not right, you'll ask me," You was just kiddin' Mama?" ha!
There is no sarcasm with you. You take everything so seriously and are so precise. You will argure about anything that doesn't match up! ha! I wonder where you get that from???
You love to play with your cousins Morgan and Jenna! They are so nice to you and you love them so much!
You wear size 3T-4T clothes and a size 8 shoe. You weigh about 37 pounds.
I could write all night, but I'll stop here for now.
I couldn't imagine life without you and I pray for you to grow up to be an amazing woman who serves the Lord all the days of your life! I pray that you would be such a strong Christian that you would lead others in their walk and encourage them, that you would have a heart for service, and that you would be a prayer warrior. I love you my beautiful 3 year old!

Pate is 4 months old!

Pate, you are four months old! You are so so sweet and such a fun baby! You laugh at your sister and love it when I tickle you! I just love to hear that sweet laugh of yours! You are rolling over now from back to front! You are almost too big for your swing...have to make sure you are buckled in! ha! You still like your play mat some, but you get off of it all the time. You're all over the place! You like to stand up on my legs, you never want to lay down...only sit it up. We got out the exersaucer and you are getting the hang of it, too. You are the cutest little boy I've ever seen and I could just eat up those cute cheeks and those pouty lips! You wear a size 3 diaper now and still in 3-6 month clothes. You can wear some size 2 shoes now. You chew on your hands all. the. time. I keep checking for teeth, but you still don't have any. I think I'll start letting your sleep in your crib soon because I'm scared you are going to get yourself out of the "sleep and play" you've been sleeping in beside our bed. You are nursing every 3 hours during the day and are still waking up once to eat at night. You watch everything Alabama does and she loves you so much! She wakes up saying "Where's Pate?" She gives you hugs all the time and says "I love you, Pate." so. sweet! You have always been so content, but want to be held a little more lately. They always tell me in the nursery that you get the award for the best baby! ha! Two of your friends were born this month...Jackson and Benton! We went to meet them and I know you'll be BFF's! ha! I love you more every day and thank God you're mine! :-)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pate is 3 months!

Better late than never!
Pate, you are three months old now! (as of Jan 24th) You are such a chunk! I love those big thighs and cute cheeks and I love it when you smile and laugh at us and when you carry on a "conversation"! You weigh 16 pounds 8 ounces and wear size 3-6 months clothes and 6 months, too. You are nursing every 3 hours during the day. You are the. sweetest. baby! At church in the nursery, they always tell me how good you are! You really never cry unless you are hungry! You go to sleep so well...the opposite of your sisssy! You've kind of develped a routine the past few weeks. You want to go to bed at 8 so I lay you down in your bassinett and you sleep until around 12 and then eat and then sleep until 5 and eat again then sleep until 9 or so. You love to take a bath, but are quickly outgrowing the baby tub! You are so so handsome and I just can't get enough of the sweetness! xoxox Love, Mommy
*Having some problems loading pics onto the computer, so I'll add them later!*