Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Here's a couple funny things I want to write down so I'll remember them!
After church Sunday, we were driving to Thomson and Alabama was singing a "song" about Pastor Bill. Went something like "Where's Patta Bill? Where's Patta Bill?" over and over to a melody she created. Then she says, "Why Patta Bill wear pants?" I said, "Well, what else would he wear?" "Jeans." haha! She notices everything!

When we're eating lunch sometimes, she asks me if I'm feeding her "baby bruder" so I tell her yes. Then, it's a million questions. "He like pizza?" "He chew it up?" and so on. There just is no simple answer for her!!!!

She gets so upset at inconsistencies. She makes this wrinkled eyebrow face and acts so upset. Like the other day, Adam told her that one of her elephants was a hippo and she almost cried! ha!

On Sunday morning, she took off both her shoes and socks while we were driving to church so I told her that she could not have a sucker after church. Devastating! So that night, she told me she took one of her shoes off and I said, "Alabama, you know you're supposed to leave your shoes on." She tells me this: "Mama, I know I not 'posed to do that. I trying to be a good girl! I put it back on." lol!