Thursday, August 26, 2010

One and a half

Alabama, you are 18 months today (or yesterday actually!). You are so sweet and special to us and I want to make sure we remember each moment of these passing days! This is what you're up to at a year and a half big girl!!

- You have 10 teeth!

- You eat everything! (well, not everything, but you know, EVERYTHING!) ha
-You still drink one bottle at night.
-You are starting to eat with a spoon/fork by yourself.

- Most days, you sound like a broken record! ha! Daddy, Mimi, Poppa, Mama, Kah Kah...... over and over!

-You can say so many words now, it's like you learn a new one every few days. So I will remember, these are the ones you say very well and consistently. Mama, Daddy, Mimi, Poppa, Kah Kah(Aunt Katie), ball, bottle, juice, shoes, no-no, yeah, uh-uh, me, hey, bye, cheese, uh-oh, Ju-Ju (Aunt Judy), pee-pee, choo-choo, beep-beep. Still no sentences yet.
-You also still have many signs that you communicate with. This is a picture of you wanting your passy! (you made that sign up by yourself!)
- You have the most beautiful curls in your hair!

- You sleep 10 hours a night and usually take one 2 hour nap. Of course, that is never a sure thing as our days are never the same!

-It was definitely much easier to shop with you when you were only one half a year! ha! Now, we pretty much have a one store limit. You want to get out of the buggy or stroller, scream loudly, throw things down, must eat at all times, etc. So embarassing!!! ha! I always dreamed of having a baby to take shopping so I hope this is going to get better soon!

-You love to go with Mimi!!

-You remember and recognize so many things that it's amazing to me! Like when you see a white car, you think it's Aunt Katie's.

- We are working on the whining you've been doing lately. We have to stop and say "No whining, tell me what you want."

-You love to play with your babies, the ball, the kitchen set at Leslie's house, your car, and also to play outside!

-You have become very opinionated about what you eat or even sometimes what you wear!

-You give great kisses!!! I could kiss and hug you all day! I love you, Alabama the Beautiful!!!

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