Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 of Helen was a very interesting day! Since it rained/stormed Thursday and Friday, it left no day but Saturday for "tubing the Hooch!" We ate breakfast at the Lodge buffet (where they had the most amazing blueberry scones!) and then headed to Helen. In our naievity, we were excited! We arrived at the "waterpark" and had to wait in line to buy our tickets. We bought the tickets where we could tube then come back and go to the waterpark. We got our arm bands, and stood in line to get onto the bus.

They day was making a turn for the worse about this time....ha! It was really hot but nothing compared to when we got on this pink bus and had to STAND UP and hold a baby, crammed in like we were coming across the border or something! It was ALMOST comical! I did have a nice lady ask if I wanted her seat, but the look of the person sitting next to her made me decide I'd take my chances standing! When we finally arrived at the drop off point, we were so ready to be off that bus and start tubing! We tethered together and I held Alabama in my lap. (Note to readers: Do not attempt this yourself!) It started out okay, but we soon (and I mean very soon) hit some rocks and had to use the one stick we bought to share to get out. This may have been the first of fifty! ha! I really was expecting a lazy river kind of experience. hahaha! Who was it that told me this? Adam? Hmmmm....Anyway, it was a long, crowded, and tiring ride and I would probably never do it again. But hey, now I know! When we finally arrived at the end, we had to walk a block to the "waterpark that wasn't much of a waterpark" so we could play there a while. Although all we really wanted to do was go home and take a nap, but hey we were going to get our money's worth, dang it! ha! Adam did get me to go down the slide with him and Alabama did have fun playing in the water (which is all she wanted to do in the river!) When we got back to the lodge, we took a quick shower, got Alabama to sleep and Adam and I went by ourselves to a few shops that I'd seen on the way to Cleveland. I only bought one thing (a shelf I hung in my new office corner) but we did got to McD (I was having withdrawls!) and got a Diet Coke and a Frappe! We got back just in time to do a Superwoman change and I got the the Awards Banquet just in time! There was a neat speaker who told all about the Unicoi park. It was neat and hopefully we will go back one day and see some more of it. These are members of the Augusta chapter,
Chris and Sheila and this is Alicia and her friend, Valerie. After I made a quick exit/escape from the banquet, we were ready to go to Helen. First stop, Hansel and Gretel Candy Shop where I bought some delicious fudge and got Alabama a big sucker for being such a good girl! She of course had to have it right away so we walked through town with her eating/dripping sucker on Adam's head. Everyone thought it was the curest thing ever! ha! We had planned on the Cafe International but they were closed. So after searching forever (we didn't want to have another situation like Paul's) we finally gave up and went to Huddle House. We sat down then used the restroom then played with the sugar packets, and still no waitress to get our order! As we were talking about leaving, the waitress who was leaving her shift came over and explained they had to finish the registers before they could change shifts and that she would get our drink orders. When she said they only had Pepsi...... we were outta there! ha! We ended up having Mexican and Alabama learned a new way to get more rice on the floor than in her mouth! Adam told us that you have to have bad/crazy stuff happen because that's what you remember years later, not if it goes perfect ....I guess we've got our good share of memories from Helen! ha!

The last day, we ate breakfast at the lodge and packed the car and headed to the Outlets!!!!! I was super excited because we were going to the Pottery Barn outlet, Restoration Hardware, and the Gymboree Outlet. It wasn't as much fun as I had envisioned because we had a baby with baby upset stomach/diaper rash and who was tired and the PB outlet wasn't quite as amazing as I had imagined. I did find a cute outfit at Gymboree and also got three things for myself at Lane Bryant that I love. I never buy things for me much so it was a great treat! Hope I didn't bore/confuse you too much! I'm so glad that we got to take a vacation and am especially glad that for the first time ever, we used all cash that my great husband worked extra hard to make and also had all the money in the budget to be on track when we got home. That made it even better!
It felt so good to be home especially since it was like coming home to a new home because we had just rearranged our house before we left! More pictures of that to come! I love it!

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