Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2

On Friday, we went to an opening meeting that morning and then had a leadership training class me and Daddy signed up for also. We learned that he is a "thinker" and I am a "feeler". ha! It's really hard to say actually because you see that you are parts of all the categories.

Anyway, then we had our awards luncheon where I received a President's Award for our chapter!
Here is Mama and Daddy sitting at the head table since he's a Board member. They wouldn't associate with us common people! ha!

After the luncheon, Alicia, Audra, Mama, Adam, Alabama, and I headed to Cleveland to visit the Babyland General Hospital (Cabbage Patch Kids). They have a new location and it is much bigger than the old one! This is Alabama with her CPK she got for Christmas, Syndey Sage. It was really nice. As I imagined, Alabama just LOVED all the babies! I think she picked up every baby there! ha! She is dancing with the one that was wearing a tutu!We watched a baby being "born" by Mother Cabbage. The "nurse" wasn't that great, but it's still a neat thing.

"One of these babies is not like the other; one of them just doesn't belong!" ha!
My first CPK's name is Mary Rose and I brought her with me to see if they would fix her arm that is coming loose. They said they only repair original soft faced dolls, not mass produced ones. They baby in the 2nd picture above is "Stephanie" and I cut her pigtails when I was little so now she has bald spots so I was hoping they would fix her, too. Oh, well. We looked around a while and Alicia bought Alabama a newborn that cries/laughs/coos. She's really cute and has a passy, too! Her name is Dimple! ha! She wanted to buy her one of the ones that they hand make but I told her to wait until Alabama is older and can remember it. As soon as we got in the car, we got "Dimple" out of the box and Alabama played with her all the way back. Alabama wanted to try out the babies passy! ha!
It was a fun trip but we had to get back quickly so we would have time to go eat before the auction. We ate at Paul's on the river and I would NOT recommend it. It was highly over priced and it was nothing wonderful. We'll know next time! Day 3 to come!

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