Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Funnies

Alabama is so funny and has us laughing all the time! Here are a few things we've cracked up over lately......

- She loves to wear shoes all the time. I bought a pair of pink cowboy boots the other day for her but they are still a size too you think that has stopped her??? No! ha! She wants to wear them whenever she sees them. She raises her whole leg and says it so funny like "shoosh."

-Last week, Adam was running her bath water and stepped out to go get a drink of water. He told her to follow him out. A few seconds later, I hear a "splash" in the bathroom.....the girl has climbed in the tub with a shirt, diaper, and said cowboy boots on!!!!! Crazy girl!!!

- She has loved to play with babies since she was very little. The new thing she does is put them to sleep all day long. She lays them down on the couch, floor, anywhere really and says "shh" and sometimes covers them up. This is a baby she wrapped in a napkin and she put to sleep on our dog Sassy's bed! ha!

- The new Cabbage Patch doll that she got on the trip talks and cries. It makes several sounds over and over. One thing it says that she picked up on very quickly is "a yeah, a yeah". So now that baby's name is "Yeah Yeah"! haha! (As in "Where's Yeah Yeah?" and then she goes to get the baby!)

-My sister, Audra Kate is Aunt Katie to Alabama. Well, we thought it might be easier to say Kay Kay so that's what I've been calling her. Last week, Alabama started calling her Kah Kah (like a crow- ha!) And I think she knows she's saying it her own way, too!

-She has began to tell me that she has to go "pee-pee" throughout the day. Usually, I take her to her potty and she sits and reads her bath book. Sometime she goes, sometimes she doesn't (or has already went in her diaper). I'm not 'trying' to potty train her, but if she's doing it herself, then I'm excited. Anyway, the funny part is the way she says pee-pee, she whispers it like it's a secret. It's also the same way she says 'poppa'. So funny.

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