Friday, April 30, 2010

14 months

On Monday, Alabama turned 14 months old!

Alabama, here's what you are up to these days:

You weigh 24 pounds.
You are so friendly to everyone....although you've started to act shy when you first greet someone! ha! You love to wave, talk, and blow kisses to random people!

Everywhere we go, we get stopped to tell us what a beautiful baby you are! I pray that you will grow up to be as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside.

You say so many words now through sign language. You can sign baby, bottle, duck, frog, dog, cat, eat, more, book, hat, kisses, pig, monkey, all done, thank you and probably a few more that I can't remember right now. I love how we can communicate more now! It is truly amazing!

This is you smelling the flowers!

The words that you say verbally are mama, daddy, yeah, me, and ba-ba. You say A LOT more than that...we just can't recognize it all! ha! You talk constantly....and I know that you know exactly what you are saying. You talk with such inflection and look me right in the eye and use your hands when you's soo funny! Everyone tells me they've never heard a baby talk as much as you do....we'll have our hands full when you really start to talk! ha!

You are on the go all the time. Since you started walking, you haven't sat down for more than a minute since! ha! You get into everything and love to play with your toys, all the pillows, and every bag you find. You are always pulling the cushion off the piano bench and using it as a mat to lay on. Within a minute of when I put it up, you pull it back off! You lay on it, put your babies on it, and want me to lay on it with you. (By the way, these socks you found and wanted to wear yesterday! ha! You try to put your socks and shoes on by yourself and it is so cute!)
Your two favorite things are your babies and any and all chairs! You love to sit on chairs, stools, benches, even climb up into the big chairs now!
You sleep through the night most of the time now...but not always.
You have four teeth. You drink regular whole milk now but don't want to drink it out of a cup.
We have so much fun playing together. I love this stage of your life so far! We tickle each other, talk, play with babies, play outside, and you act like a kissing monster!
You love to read books now. A few of your favorites are: Where is Baby's Belly Button, Goodnight Gorilla, Where's Elmo, and the Animal book. We read them over and over!
I love you so much and enjoy having the honor and blessing of spending each day with you!
I wouldn't trade this time for anything!

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  1. thanks for clarifying on the socks...i was hoping you hadn't gone colorblind. :)