Friday, April 9, 2010

Mantel Party!

I am excited to participate in The Nester's Mantel Party!
I love my mantel and really love to decorate it for the different seasons. I am so glad to have a mantel for the stockings at Christmas. Right now, though, it's just a plain mantel. I did have a garland up for Easter, but that is down now and we're waiting to put some shells up for summer. I'm excited to look through the other links to find some inspiration to add in to my mantel.

Our "fireplace"...that's's not a real fireplace...just a great mantel that we rescued from the house that my husband's Mother grew up in with black fabric stapled to the back and leaned against the wall. I also added the Old Taylor Tiered Stand with candles from Southern Living and a surround that I got very cheap to give it some serious authenticity! Most people don't even know it's not real when they first walk in. I love to burn the candles so it really feels like a warm fireplace in the cool months.

This is the entire wall view from the french door entrance to our small den where the TV and the "fireplace" is located. (I wish we had a playroom..but we don't so I found this little shelf that is perfect for storing Alabama's toys.)

And...just for refrigerator! I love having the top and front free of clutter. For years, we had cereal boxes, bread, etc. on top and magnets of all types, notes, and such on the front. It really makes such a difference in the feel of the kitchen when it is pleasing to the eye and put together. Love it!

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  1. I love the finials on your mantel and your fridge is a work of art! :) Nice job!