Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st Trip to the Zoo

Friday, Alabama took her first trip to visit the zoo! We drove to Columbia, to the Riverbanks Zoo. It's actually the only zoo I've ever been to. We had a fun day with Shana, Thomas ,and their girls, Caleigh and Camden, and Casey and her son Ryan. Casey and I rode together and it was great getting to talk and get to know each other a little better. They moved here not long ago from Virginia and it's great to have them in our Young Married's class! The weather was perfect and it was not too very crowded (besides the school kids!). Our first stop was the flamingos. Ryan had been asking to see them the entire ride! I love them, too...except the smell! Alabama had on her Pretty and Pink Flamingo shirt just for the zoo so we had to do a few pictures with the beautiful coral birds. She really liked to look at all the animals. I wasn't too sure how interested she would be, but she really did enjoy it! I think her favorites were the flamingos and the monkeys
(man, they are loud!). The gorilla feeding was pretty neat. I think it scared Alabama a little bit when those huge gorillas ran towards the glass...kinda scared me a little, too! That was my favorite, though. They are soo big and they come right to the glass where you sit and watch them. So, so neat!

I let her get out and play a little while we were in the penguin house. She needed some running around time! Ryan was so sweet and wanted to hold her hand...but after a few minutes, she was tired of that! ha! It was so funny! (Good girl!)

We also saw the giraffes. You can feed them from an observation deck.
They were beautiful...I just love your spots Mr. Giraffe!

We saw elephants, farm animals, lions and tigers (but they're pretty boring and just sleep all day!), baboons, other birds, and fish. We did NOT go into the reptile m'aam!

They have these cute statues all over the cute for photos...but Alabama wasn't really feeling it! ha!

Before we left, we had some ice yummy...Blue Bell Strawberry! Then we played for about ten minutes on the playground. Alabama loves anything with steps. It was a little scary for me because it has drop offs at the top so I went up with her. She would climb up and walk all around and she also slid down the slide a few times. Ryan was being such a gentlemen helping Alabama up the steps! ha! They had a lot of fun playing together! At the end of the day...they had both finished their bottles and were asleep before we got on the road! ha! Long day in the life of a one year old....who am I kidding, I was tired, too!

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