Friday, May 7, 2010

Alabama Grace

Today at Kelly's Korner it is "Show us Your Life: Baby Names". Some people may not know where Alabama's name comes from so here you go.

When I first tell people Alabama's name, they usually like it but at the same time are surprised. (Well, one "Aunt" said "Al-a-bama????" in a disgusted voice when I told her....but anyway..) People ask me all the time where we got the name Alabama. They usually assume that we are Alabama (roll tide) fans, or that she was born in Alabama, or that she was conceived in Alabama....which none of those are true! ha!

Actually, we wanted to have a state name since I am Virginia and Adam's sister's name is Georgia. I always thought it was so fun that my sister-in-law was a state, too! Since we are both the first born, my first born became Alabama Grace. We wanted to keep it in the South...not Montana or Dakota...although they are pretty...just not for us.
I LOVE her name because it is so unique, because it comes from my name, because it sounds so Southern, and the Grace because it represents the amazing grace of our Savior! I hope that when she's older, she loves it as much as we do.

And no, I do not plan to name all of my future children different states....that may be a little weird! ha!!


  1. I love that name...very different...which is nice b/c I love grace (two of my daughters have that name as middle names...but it is becoming so "POPULAR"...very common now