Sunday, July 31, 2016

Three months

Sweet Mattie Mae, 
You turned three months old on June 30! You are growing so much! You wear 3-6 month or 6 month clothes. You are such a sweet baby and love to smile and coo and talk to us. You eat every 3 hours and then after a few minutes, you fuss a little and are ready to go to sleep. You like to have your passy, be held sideways facing me, and patted to sleep. :) We put up your crib, but you have only slept in it for naps so far. You don't like swaddling so much anymore, you get your arms out in no time! You hold your head up so good now and are trying to be too grown, of course! ha! A few fun things we did this month were going on a date with me and Daddy to the movies to see the new Jungle Book (You have a a movie...), going to ride the trolley downtown, attending your first year of VBS at church, and praising the Lord that the health tests for Daddy came back fine! We love your to pieces and are so thankful for the sweetness you add to our family! xoxo, Mama

Your BFF, Annabelle, was born this month, so we went to see her! 

Morning snuggles in Mama's bed are the best! 

She wiggled and she giggled, beat all I ever saw! 

We had a great week at your first VBS. I was in your class with Mrs. Brooks! 

After church with Nana

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