Monday, July 4, 2016

Mattie Mae One Month

Sweet Mattie Mae,
You are a great baby and we are all so so in love with you! You are held all the time (You don't like to be put down!), kissed endlessly, and loved greatly! Since the first day we came home with you, your brothers and sisters have been wanting to hold you every day. They give you kisses or "kisthes" as Blue says. So cute! Daddy stayed home until Tuesday when he went back to work. At the Monday Doctor appointment, he went with us and you looked great!

 The jaundice was fine and she said there was nothing to worry about! Yay! Tuesday and Wednesday were a little crazy the first week with four kids at home all day by myself. So, on Thursday, we packed up and went to pay the power bill and went to Just Kidz! Then, Aunt Judy called and said she was going to have lunch with Jeff and asked if we wanted to go...YES! HA! So, your first time eating out was at Longhorns with Aunt Judy, Jeff, Papa, Joe, and all of us! You did great and slept the whole time!

Saturday, you had lots of visitors! Aunt Ann came to meet you and we were all so glad to see her!

Then, Aunt Judy, Nana and Papa Ralph came by. Nana hadn't got to hold you at the hospital, so she got to hold you for the first time.
You also spent some more time in the sun to get rid of all the jaundice. 
The next Sunday was your first Sunday at church. Everyone was so happy to meet you! It was so good to be back at church. You wore a sweet pink smocked dress with pearl beading and a white lace jacket.

Cristina came and took the most beautiful pictures for which I am so grateful!

Cristina Annis Photography

one week old

Here is your birth announcement. I love how it turned out...except for the wrong time on the clock! ha! 

I love this sweet little outfit you wore. It was a newborn size. 
Aunt Georgia came to see you when you were born, but this was the first time she got to hold you! She came by after work. 

This picture was after church on April 17th. 

Bo Bo finally met you on the 27th! 
This picture was when you turned one month old. You're so smart, you already knew your numbers! ha! 
And this is our first picture as a family of 6. It is perfect for us. :) We love you and smother you with kisses every day. Your brothers and sister think you are perfect and want to hold you constantly. What a blessed first month it has been!

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