Monday, July 4, 2016

Mattie Mae - Two Months

Dear Mattie Mae,
You are two months old now and growing so much! By this month, you have moved into 0-3 month clothes. You were 12.8 pounds at the doctor for your checkup. She said you were perfect! You wear size 1 diapers and size 1 shoes. You have started to smile and coo at us! It's so precious and we love to hear you talk! I think your first smile was on May 7th! Everyone is still in love with you and kiss you all the time! The other kids are also such great helpers. They get your passy and burp cloth, they hold you, and are so attentive.

The babies are ready for the day! 
On Mother's Day, we had our baby dedication at church and dedicated you to the Lord. We promised to raise you to serve him and to lead you to a relationship with Jesus and to teach you to love him. Our family was there with us on this special day. Here are all of us after church. You wore the same beautiful gown that Alabama wore and that Mimi made.
After church, everyone came to our house to eat lunch for Mother's Day and celebrate your dedication. Here is Morgan holding you.
Baby Dedication cake

Pate love

Family Reunion picture. Dresses by Cruz by Sheena Whitlock. 

Sweet lemonade. 

Blue and Mattie Mae. A lot of people say that you look like Blue and I think you do, too!
Aunt Betty and Uncle Jerry, or B and JJ, as y'all call them, came up to Nana's and got to hold you this month! 

Aunt Kathie and Jenna came over to Nana's and met you, too. We had a fun weekend with family.
You are starting to get some cute little cheeks to squeeze and some rolls on those legs! Everywhere we go, people comment on your beautiful hair. You are sleeping well and usually only wake up once to eat. Sometimes, sleeping until 4 or 5. You still have some tummy troubles that cause pain and are no fun but you are a good good baby. You are more alert and awake more often and you love your passy.  We love you immensely, Mattie Mae, and are so thankful to have you as the baby girl of our family!

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