Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mattie Mae - Four Months!

Mattie Mae, You have learned so much this past month! You have found your hands and can't keep them out of your mouth. I don't know if you are trying to get some teeth early, but there's lots of chewing and drooling! You haven't rolled over, but you are pushing up with those {strong} legs and crossing them over as if you are trying. You're holding your head up much better on your tummy now. Just Friday, you reached up on the baby gym and grabbed the toys! It was so neat to watch you concentrate so intently to finally get them!

You also started sitting in the Bumbo  and your brothers love to push you around in it like it's a car.

 You wear 3-6 month clothes and size 2 shoes. You also wear size 2 diapers now. You are still nursing every 3 hours and will sleep about 7 hours at night. When you are ready to go to sleep, you fuss a little, want your passy and now you put your hand over your face or in your hair. It's the cutest thing! You are a go with the flow baby and can sleep anywhere, although the car seat has not been your favorite recently. Sometimes, you have some tummy trouble and it makes us both sad. I'm hoping you move past that soon! The day you turned 4 months, you slept in your crib about half the night. 

 You did some really fun stuff this month! You celebrated your first Fourth of July. You didn't mind the fireworks and were so cute in all your red, white, and blue outfits! :) 

Sweet Sisters

You're never alone on the playmat! Who says they are just for babies??! ha!

We took a tour of the Augusta Canal with the GCB and you did good! You like this carrier and will go to sleep in it about every time. You don't like the Ergo carrier at all.

You can seriously sleep anywhere! This is on the hard floor in a Sunday school room while Daddy was working on the Kid's Alive set!

National Ice Cream Day (with Birthday Cake for Mama!)

We took a trip to Atlanta for a mini-vacation to visit Tay Tay. You were so easy to take along and made it a lot of fun! The first day, we went to Decatur and ate at Sweet Melissa's, went to the bookstore and read and played, then had ice cream at Jeni's.

Tuesday, we went to the zoo and you wore your elephant shirt, of course! I don't think you actually ever saw any animals, but you were very content and happy the whole time.

 Wednesday, we went to eat breakfast at Tay Tay's work then went to the Centennial Olympic Park to play and watch the Fountain of Rings show. (No pictures, please!) ha!

The big kids went swimming every night and you sat with me and Tay Tay and got some snuggles! You're a good traveling partner, when you're not fussing about being in the car seat! We were glad to get back home to Daddy, though!
We love you so very much, Mattie Mae. You get no less than 102 kisses every single day. You're growing up too fast, though, so maybe slow down just a little! ;) We want you to stay our baby! Pate is your buddy and says he's going to teach you how to be good. Blue likes to talk in a sweet high pitched voice to you. Sometimes he grabs your arm in the car and makes you cry, though. I think your first word will be "Hey" because you hear them say that to you all day, every day. Alabama is a great helper and thinks she can walk around with you now. She picks you up and sits you in her lap. We're blessed to have such a sweet baby sister in our family and I hope you will all be best friends forever. Thank you, God, for this precious gift!

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