Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Temper Tantrums

You have never seen a temper tantrm until you have seen one from Pate Smelts! Nothing Alabama has ever done even compares to this boy! ha! Every single day when Adam gets home, or tonight, when Pate woke up and discovered Adam was home, he wants to go outside with him and ride the golf cart that Adam is working on. He waves his arms like he's driving and points towards the door and says "Uh" and gets so excited. If you don't get him out there right away, he goes crazy! He will scream and cry and roll around on the floor flinging himself every which way. I've got to get it on video. There is nothing you can do to calm him except get the boy on something that moves! How can he be so so so opinionated at 11 months? How can he love things that go so much at 11 months? I don't understand it! As soon as you head for the door he's all smiles. :) Tonight, the tire was flat on the golf cart, so Adam had to ride him around on the tractor. I think we have a problem on our hands! (This picture was actually taken on Labor Day and I think he has been in love with the tractor since then!)

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