Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 24: Pate is One!

Pate you are one year old today! Big birthday boy! We had an uneventful day but are so thankful for your life that God has blessed us with! We went to BSF this morning then ran a few errands went home for a little bit and then went to church tonight. When we got home from church, you opened your gifts from Mama and Daddy and from Alabama. We have you a little wooden train set puzzle and Alabama gave you were Ernie and a baseball from her playroom. She gave you those because she thought you would like them and because she still wanted them and Daddy told her she shouldn't just give something she didn't want anymore because that wasn't a sacrifice. So sweet! You are the sweetest little boy and oh so cute! You look a lot like me when I was a baby! We have the same cheeks and chin for sure! You are so much fun and are always looking for something to get into! You love cars and trucks and tractors. You love to throw balls. You want to ride outside on anything you can with Daddy. You like to sing and dance to music and you pat boths hands on your belly. So funny! Your hair is a hot mess and so long and crazy! You wear size 12 month clothes, size 4 shoe and size 4 diaper. You can sign more, eat, bottle, drive, bye, bath, and blow kisses. You are a full time walker and hardly ever crawl now. You say sounds all the time like "uh" and "buh" but really only say "dada" and "bye" sometimes. Everyone in nursery loves you so much and say what a good, good, baby you are. You like to climb up on everything and stand in chairs, though. Such a daredevil! You like to do flips in my lap. You always want to get down and go, you never sit still long! You will sometimes cuddle with me for a minute and love to attack me and give hugs! ha! You are so funny and love to make silly faces and play funny games! You point at things all the time.You are somewhat of a picky eater. You love to eat yogurt. That's probably your favorite. You will NOT  eat green beans! You like to eat most of the things we eat but if you don't like something you spit it right back out or throw it on the floor. You like to eat the baby food pouches by yourself.  You are only nursing a couple of times a day now and are taking a bottle the rest of the time.
 You love your sister and love to wake her up in the morning. She loves you, too, and is a great big sissy! She is a great helper! She thought that you were going to be so different this morning! When I was waking her up to get ready, I said, remember, it's Pate's birthday! She was so excited and said "I bet he's going to be a big boy now! I bet he can talk!" ha! She was disappointed when she saw you and said, "Mama, he's still a baby!"  hahaha!
I can't believe how much you have grown in this year and I can't believe how fast it went by. It seems like just the other day we were in the cafeteria eating strawberries waiting to check in the hospital to have you! It makes my heart hurt to think about how fast it went by. I'm so thankful for a happy, healthy baby! We love you so much and you bring such joy to our family! We couldn't imagine it without you, PayPay Brown!

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