Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 25: Disney on Ice

Tonight, we went to see Disney on Ice at the James Brown Arena. Alabama has known we were going since last Thursday and was sooooo excited about it. She would randomly tell me "I'm so excited to go to Disney on Ice!" She wanted to dress up like Tinkerbell (instead of a Minnie outfit like I wanted! ha!) so I bought her a new dress, did her hair like Tink, and even put on some shimmer makeup and green eyeshadow! We went with friends and met them at Chick fil A before the show then picked up Adam. She was still excited when we got there, but when we got in the arena, she wanted to sit with me and didn't talk much. When the show started, it was pretty loud and she didn't like it. Then Minnie and Mickey came out and their car backfired and she started crying and saying I want to go home! I tried to calm her with our $10 bag of cotton candy, but it continued to get worse and worse and when Ursula came out, she lost it! I had to take her out in the lobby and she just kept saying, Please don't take me back in that room! Poor thing! I did get her to stand in the back while I held her so she could watch Tinkerbell but we left before it was over. Adam said we weren't going anywhere else until she was 15! ha!

In other news, Pate went to the Doctor today for his 1 year checkup and he weighed 22 lbs 9 oz (47%) and was 29 1/2 inches (41%) and his head is 18 5/8 inches (76%). He had to get four shots and he was not too happy! She said he is doing good!

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