Friday, January 21, 2011

Audra Kate

Today Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting a Single Ladies/Guys day! So I decided to post about my sweet little sis!

This is a post about my wonderful yet single little sister, Audra Kate! She is so amazing and fun! Here are some of things that make her who she is.
-She's 21.
-She lives in Thomson, GA
-She loves Jesus more than anything! (Just got back from Passion 2011 and had the best time!)
-Is very active in our church ..she does nursery, the Kids Alive program, and sings in the choir.
-Speaking of singing.....she sings ALL. THE. TIME. ha! She loves music...and is always singing something!

-She loves Southern Gospel and loves to go to concerts all the time.

-She is so funny and makes me laugh every day! Seriously, you should hear some of the stories this girls got....Colbra!
-She is such a great aunt to my sweet little girl!

-She has about a million and one friends because everyone loves her so much! (Sometimes I call her Elmer because she's the glue that holds all the friends together!) *in this pic she's on the left with the big earrings!*

-She loves to go....always going somewhere!

-She loves football....UGA all the way!

-She is very loyal.
-She is beautiful.

-She loves to wear big jewelry...the gaudier the better!

-She loves her family and is very close to all of them.

-She works in Augusta as a receptionist/secretary for an auto repair shop.

Well, I probably left off something that I wanted to say, but I love her so much and want her to find a great guy! If you are interested in meeting her, just send me a message at . BTW- no creepers allowed! ha!

Thanks Kelly!


  1. Dont forget being able to sing to her in a bass voice is a HUGE plus for her!!!!

  2. Just wanted to say my sister's name is Audra too! What a cool name, right? They make pretty great sisters :)