Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

We had ANOTHER day of snow today! We just had a little bit of snow two weeks ago and then last night, it began to snow again! We got about 2-3 inches and then ice on top of that. Not the fun fluffy kind....but still beautiful....AND Adam didn't have to go to work!!! YAY! Alabama actually loved the snow this year! Last year, she didn't want to get in it at all! It's funny that for both winters of her life, we've had snow! She's going to think this is the norm (which it's not around here!). We had a great day playing in the snow a little, "snow hoodin'" (yes, we attach an old car hood to the back of the tractor and pull it around the yard! very fun!), had some family time and lunch with my parents and sisters, I organized pictures, stayed home and got to be a little lazy, baked cupcakes with Audra, danced and played, cuddled, and watched TV. Thank you Lord for the snow that provided some down time and that we still have power! Planning to get back to "normal" tomorrow. Adam is supposed to be in to work by 9 and Daddy wants to go to his lesson if the roads are driveable. We'll see!

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