Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ballard knock off books

When my new Ballard Designs catalog came in the mail acouple of weeks ago, I of course started looking through right away! I love almost everything in there but most things come with price tags that I don't like! Sometimes, I see an item that I can easily make my own version of. That is the case with these "antique book bundles" that they have shown here.

Very cool, but starting at $18 a piece....I think I can do better! My favorite Salvation army gives away 5 Reader's Digest books with purchase every day of the week so the last time I was in there, I gathered up 5 of the oldest books (the actually had neat graphic covers on them....) to use for this knock-off. All I did was carefully remove (some of them were already coming off) the covers and the first and last page of the books. Then you're left with some books that look a lot like the Ballard's ones! I tied two of mine together with twine because they are thicker than the originals and are using them as a riser for a picture frame. Here it is!

I love how they turned out and the price --- FREE!

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