Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Funnies

I was in Wal-Mart buying a few things for our cookie swap last week when Shana called me. A few minutes after we were talking I looked at Alabama in the buggy (yes, we call it a buggy! ha!)and found she had torn a little hole in the package of the almond bark and was scraping pieces out with her fingernails! ha! In another minute she decided that was not the most successful way to eat it so she was taking bites of it through the little hole! I probably should have taken it from her...but it was too funny...and it was keeping her very entertained as well! haha! This is her reenacting it later when I was telling Adam about it!

My friend Casey came over to make some boxes for our cookie exchange and Alabama and Ryan were playing in the play room when Casey said, "Virginia, you've got to come see this!" This is what I found! Crazy girl climbed through the sink in her kitchen to sit down! ha!

A few days ago Alabama came out of the playroom and looked like she was moving something around in her mouth (like she does when she has put a coin in her mouth) and I asked her "Alabama, do you have something in your mouth?" As I was putting my finger in her mouth to look I said "What's in your mouth?" She grinned and said "Teeth!"

Riding in her "boat" with her friends!

I have an ornament of a grand piano that Adam gave me a few years ago on the front of our tree. Alabama is fascinated with it and likes to "play" it! It's the funniest thing...sometimes she even pulls up a chair to sit and play the piano. Of course the only music is her voice! My Daddy tunes pianos and a lot of times she will go with me to take him or pick him up from a job. Well, the other day, she was playing with the piano ornament and she turned to me and said "Papa sit down." Yes, Papa does sit down to tune the pianos! It took me a minute to put it together but Wow! She is soo smart!

Alabama has a new "funny face" that she does. It started when I would get on to her and put my chin down and raise my eyebrows and say "Alabama" she would copy me and I would crack up laughing at her! Now she will do it and she usually puts her bottom lip over her top lip as she puts her chin down and cuts her eyes to look up at you! THE funniest thing ever! How can I ever stop myself from laughing??? This is a modified version of the face (I'll have to get a better pic of it) as she had a lollipop in her mouth.

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