Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Part 1

Alabama had a wonderful Christmas! She is so blessed by lots of friends and family who love her! I want to make sure we remember the gifts she received from everyone so it may be weird, but I'm going to try and write down everything she got. We are very thankful for everything.
We haven't gotten to see Aunt Ann and Uncle Phillip for Christmas yet this year, but they sent some gifts. They gave her the cutest Hello Kitty pajamas, a beautiful pink and black dress (picture to come soon!) a Jesus Loves Me kitty, some lip balm, and a snowman blanket that she loves!
We had Christmas with Granny and Aunt Judy on Thursday night. (I love this picture!)I'm glad that we could spread it all out a bit so that it's not so much at one time. They gave her a ball. ( she loves balls!)
Granny gave her a beautiful porcelain tea set for her table to have tea parties with. I've got it on a shelf up high so it won't get broken. Aunt Judy gave her a cute teacup pig that talks. It's so funny! Her name is Princess!

Aunt Judy had some delicious Christmas goodies for us!

It was a really nice time and Alabama loved it!

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