Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Adam was off on Christmas Eve but I was having a really hard day! I felt like I had soo much to do and I was the only one who could do it all. I had gifts to finish and wrap, house to clean, Alabama to have fun with and take care of, last minute shopping to do, christmas cards to finish.....just a lot of stuff! Adam was working on a car and tried to help a little but mostly it was stuff that I had to do myself and I just felt overwhelmed by it all. By the time we left the mall and got to church for our Christmas Eve candlelight service I was definitely grateful for the time to sing, think about why we celebrate, and just relax in the candlelight. This is Adam and Alabama, his Mama, brother Chris and Daddy at church.
Ryan wasn't at church because he was sick, but he picked out a red purse and a purple hat for sweet!

We went to Adam's parents house after church to have Christmas with them. We had chili and opened gifts together. Chris M. read us the Christmas story. Alabama was loving her some Ethan (or EE as she calls him) and he taught her how to shoot his new Nerf gun. The first thing Alabama opened was the new santa pajamas I gave her. Of course she had to put on Ho Ho right away! ha!

Uncle Chris gave her a stuffed reindeer and blanket. Really cute.

Morgan gave Alabama a bowling set. Seeing as how she loves to knock things over, this will be a favorite! ha! Anna (with her own money!) gave Alabama a Sesame street DVD. Aunt Georgia and Uncle Chris gave her a new doll and also had given her earlier a matching nightgown for her and her Bitty Baby.It is so precious!
Here is Morgan holding Alabama's doll. So pretty!
Grandma and Grandpa gave her a princess dance book with princess "i-pod", a Veggie Tales DVD, and Dora Pajamas . I really enjoy giving gifts sometimes more than receiving them...finding the perfect thing for someone is so fun! I love Ethan's face as he opened his Nerf gun from us. I also love it here as he is so excited about what he got for Uncle Adam. (a duck call!) And it's hard to tell in this picture, but Maxine is opening her framed baby dress. It turned out really nice.
The highlight of the night was the "show" from the kids! Alabama joined in for a special dance routine and then Anna, Morgan, and Ethan sang "Mary Did you Know". It was so cute!

Then we were heading home to go to bed and get ready for Santa to come!!!!

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